Wayne’s World

My Friday was bookended by two acts of Wayne. This morning he started things off by peeing on a wall. Yeah, you guessed it, the wall that really tied the room together. Nothing a little bleach could not take care of so Cody and I cleaned it up and rode in a delightful spring rain to the Bike Library for the First Friday Commuter Coffee.

We had four volunteers and only two civilians showed up but they were two of our favorites so we were okay with it. Lots of good bike conversation. All the bikes that rode were steel framed with fenders and only one was not a single speed. Love it. I went to work and scored this quality sororiqoute for Jay over lunch:

Girl 1: I don’t even know why I’m eating, I just had Brueggers.

Girl 2: You slut.

There you have it. Later my good friend 20¢ stopped by to give (loan?) me a 38 tooth chainring for my Kanza bike. I used a 39 tooth last year and while one tooth less is not much I have un-fond memories of climbing a paved hill 140 miles in with a tailwind at all of 7mph last year so any extra ease I can get I will take. One tooth’s worth is what it is looking like. I went for a quick coffee with John and then met Cody who is busy setting up her show to enjoy a late lunch at Oasis where we heard this great conversation float out of the kitchen:

Falafel slinger 1: Pantera is okay

Falafel slinger 2: Yeah but this is christian metal

After lunch I was back to work to finish off the Senior Dinner for the about to graduate seniors, of course, and then it was home with Cody for dinner and a relaxing movie. That is until Wayne brought in a very live and very unhappy bat. Yep, it sucked. I will spare you the details, we got the bat out of here and the whole situation was very unpleasant to say the least. Thanks for a memorable day, Wayne.


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  1. 1

    do you suppose wayne was thinking of that OTHER g pickle?
    you know, the rich one, whose wife owes everyone money?

    i tried to watch the big lebowski thursday on some cable channel, but they kept referring to his rug as “my valued rug.”

    i hate sanitized dialogue.

  2. 2

    ari said,

    Good luck at Kanza. I hate working at a bike shop. We are so busy I can never leave. Getting the time off for the TI was a chore. That leaves us with riding in the winter.
    Maybe I need a winter seasonal job and have the summers off. Singlespeed for 200 miles?

  3. 3

    Jay said,

    Thanks for that LOL-tastic sororiquote, Steve. What was on the menu, anyway?

  4. 4

    i remember when paul “gave” me a rain jacket to were once not knowing that it was a borrow situation. get it in writing my friend. pure metal is better than that other metal anyday. rock on!

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