Whoa Nellie!

I did the group ride last night, rest is over. I was planning to hit the B ride to ramp back up to speed but circumstances talked me into College Green for the A ride. Holy crap. I figured with the strong wind out of the South we would ride the flat and fun Edens loop and I could just hang for the ride out and then ride fast a bit and then finish up solo but we did not go that way. The Thrillahh was there and he don’t like them flat rides so we went out to Tiffin and then around Sugarbottom, well, he did…

As we rode tempo out of town my legs felt a bit stale but they settled in. When we turned north and the speed skyrocketed to a reported 42-44 mph in the tailwind they felt real slow real fast. It was kind of exciting, and the roads had big potholes to add to the drama and I made it to Tiffin with the group but I knew my days were numbered, I just can’t go from rest week to 40+ mph in one ride. So after another couple of silly fast miles we turned into the last full on tailwind stretch and as I watched Cochran attack from the inside of the sweeping corner I knew I was screwed and sure enough, I was! The elastic snapped me right on the ass and left a mark, I rode in quietly with Brian and we talked of all things Kanza as that is approaching mas rapido. About 2 hours total, some of it way too fast for me.

Not the ride I was looking for but it will all work out in the end, my legs are definitely up to speed now! Reading velonews this morning I saw a nice going real fast quote from Vogels about winning the Gila criterium, something like, “I put it in the 11 and that was it.” Maybe I just need to get an 11?

Photo: Action Images via velonews.com


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  1. 1

    Anonymous said,

    You weren’t the only one wondering where the 11t cog was last night.

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Aw heck, if Zabel could win all them green jerseys with just a 53X12 and some drugs I should at least be able to stick the group ride with a 53X12 and no drugs, right?

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