Self Unemployed

I have no job now. The sorority girls of Iowa City will have to find someone else to grill their cheese. I resigned my position at Fin and Feather as well for a multitude of reasons. I have a few options for the future, some sweet and others savory. Stay tuned to see what I wind up doing, I may go into business as a guest blog updater.

Bike to Work Week has finally ended, no more meetings! The whole week went well and while I love the work I have done for this noble cause I am probably not going to help with the organizing next year. For three years now our yard has been a study in potential and I think with extra spring time free time I can help its potential to be realized. Plus I would like more time to ride and I have plenty of volunteer outlets already.

This past week was a great week of riding. I did both group rides, the Mayor’s ride, a lovely one hour spin with Cody, a pie race that I rode to and from and a nice mountain bike ride at Sugar yesterday with John and a few other people we saw out there. There is lots of water covering trails but what is available to ride is in really good shape. I rolled on the Salsa and boy do I have some work to do on that set-up! I just put it in the shed and forgot about it after Ouachita but I am looking forward to some good rides this summer. The race on Saturday morning went well, ATLAS got in the break and those of us left behind did an okay job of controlling things. Top ten felt much better than the top 30 from the weekend before and the ride out and back in beautiful weather iced the pie.

My folks were in town this past weekend so we entertained them with a trip out to Fae Ridge Farm and Cody’s show and we watched King Corn, too. If you have not seen this movie you should. A couple of major points. Quit eating cows! Stop! Cease! Now! Also, pay attention to the ingredients of what you eat! And stop driving cars for Pete’s sake! Ethanol is a scam and cars in general are bad so just stop already!

Back to happier things. I got my pro deal from nuun so I now have waterbottles and stickers and 9 tubes of their fizzy little electrolyte tabs in 3 flavors. Thank you nuun! I like that stuff.


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  1. 1

    brian said,

    Well I think the guest blogging sounds like a great gig. I mean, all of our favorite bloggers travel and leave us waiting, so you could ease our pain. I’ll contact you next time I go out of town.

    In the meantime, easy ride tomorrow afternoon? My legs hurt, and they could use some easy spinning.

  2. 2

    Tarik said,

    Nice drive by hit on the guest blogging! Should blow your visitors through the roof. I am totally hiring you if I leave for a couple a weeks!

    I am not sure precisely what I am seeing on the pic in this post, but I am pretty sure I am generally seeing two young endurance sport athletes who may or may not ever be that skinny again. They will look upon those photos in 5, 10 or 15 years, or perhaps next week if the beer is flowing well, and wonder how the hell they ever held that low a body fat. I am pretty sure there are some photos of me at minus 40 pounds now floating around in a shoebox of one of my collegiate runner teamates. If I saw them now I would just shake my head and weep for metabolisms long long gone.

  3. 3

    while away your unemployment time wisely, grasshopper.

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    You say true, Tarik.

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