Writing Wrong

I have been spending lots of my unemployed time reading The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay and snuffling and sneezing and coughing. The book is great, the sickness or allergy or whatever it is? Not so much. I had hoped to do a long ride this week to test the Kanza set up but that aint happening when I feel like this which is okay because the bike is not even together yet. Jeesh.

When I was replacing the chain and small ring I realized that the cartridge bb was, in the parlance of our times, screwed. How can this be, 5 years of slogging through the best gravel and muck the midwest can offer and that is all it has?!?!?!? I thought I would order up a new one lickety-split but how was I to know that they are out of stock everywhere? I have some options but none that make me happy 10 days before a 200 mile gravel ride, any help you can offer (Your NOS Shimano 7700 Octalink V1 68/118.5, delivered, would sure be nice. Hint. Hint.) is appreciated. Serious replies only.

***Update from the porch, the 109.5 from the Fuji fits & the chainring clears, we can all rest easy!  Why oh why have I been lugging around them extra 9mm of spindle all these years!***

In other news, our garden and yard are finding their grove, thanks to Cody and my mom. Cody has been in charge of seed starts and look at em grow!

She also loaded up our cold frame with lettuce and spinach and look how happy they are in their little house!

My folks were out last weekend to visit and my mom was happy to work in the yard, she dug out this nice patch of Hosta which had been buried in weeds, thanks mom!


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