Keep Yer Pants On

Alright, alright. I will post something. It has been a busy couple of weeks, I have been working and riding a lot, because I ride a lot you understand… The flood is receding. The kitties have brought in a live mouse and chipmunk in the past week. The mouse is now living in the attic… I took the BL Bikes At Work Trailer to carry home the dehumidifier I bought for our creepy basement. The Bike Library has been doing steady business, I have captained rent a bench for the past two weekends and it has brought in some money to further our goals. A really big thick Black Walnut branch fell out of a tree in our front yard and I chopped most of it up with an axe. Ira has been staying at our house when he is not building his parents new one and he claims orange cats are the sexiest. Ritchie agrees!

Hope your summers are going as well as mine is and I will have some new stories and photos up here soon!


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    tarik said,

    I know that box.

    I am glad you still walk not swim.

    Best to all of you Iowians

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