The Summertime

Webloggery seems to be such a seasonal affliction in the riding community.  Who has time to write about rides and the like when they are out riding and liking?  Not me, and judging from my regularly read blogs, not most of my favorite weblogin’ two wheeled people either.  Although Tarik has been on a kick lately, scrumming it up with pro cyclists and roaming france with his camera and appetite.  Check out them photos!

So I have been working and riding and such.  Today I got to glue tubulars again!  This wheelset was much nicer than the last, if by nicer you mean expensive and smoooooooooooth bearingy.  HED stingers and screaming yellow Tufo’s.

I did my first overnight tour of the year last weekend, a good group of people making their way to that big celebration of:

  • hi-vis clothing
  • cross chained triple crank drivetrains
  • meat on a stick or off
  • aero-barred hybrids
  • cheap beer sold expensive
  • stinky dirty port-o-johnnys or hunny buckets or whatever you might call them
  • double sprung mountain bikes with slick 1.5’s
  • silly (and dangerous – why wear a helmet with a can of spam attached to it?) helmet covers
  • old has-been racers heckling people who don’t understand what they are talking about anyways

I rode the TT bike and it performed well.  We spent most of the day drinking beers but did get some mileage in and wound up staying in Springville in a pavillion.  We had been heading for Waubeek but there was a big storm that presented us with the option of staying in the nice American Legion or riding into a 40 mph headwind with thundering rain spattering our glasses and making it hard to see.  We chose safety and comfort.  I got up early the next morning and rode back home, it was a great morning ride!  I took many pictures with my phone but I can not yet get it to interface with the computer so until I do if you want to see the pictures and you see me around ask me to show you the album and I will.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get out to visit that ride as it is coming very close but the weather may stink in which case I will stay home.  Friday the shop is closed so I will ride that day for sure, I think if I loop out and do the whole route and ride back home I will have 100 in so that is the plan.

As I have been typing this I have been listening to owl’s hootin’ up a storm in the trees outside our house, it is really cool!

Oh yes, I have something for you John


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  1. 1

    Cody G. said,

    Other items worth mention:

    • greasy chainring marks on sunblocked calves
    • average chamois-time upwards of 16 hours
    • hitherto unridden tandems with grumpy stokers
    • tattoos on sunblocked calves made to look like greasy chainring marks
    • enormous gel saddles with enormous gel saddle covers

  2. 2

    John L. said,

    What is this thing you have for me papa steve?! I’m glad the TT is rolling well. For some reason, I feel almost parental towards that bike. I’ve watched it grow up from ergon grips, gain a new nitto stem, lose the thumby and even grow a front rack. Oh, how far you’ve come TT.

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