On The Home Again!

Tour over, now we rest. It was a good time, and lots of hard work, of course. It is hilly out there. Sometimes it was hot, sometimes humid, sometimes both. Moustache bars are not for me. A nice man in a truck gave us the finger just for being there. We found 10 bucks on the side of the road. My mom is retired and we watched it happen! Seven days of riding all told, three states explored and a good time it was. Happy to be home, here are the places we stayed.

First night. Pavillion at the Legion in Oxford Jct, IA. We left after work and this is as far as we made it but it was nice and quiet out there and we had a roof over our heads. No shower but there was water and a fine poopin’ hut.

Night two. Emerald Acres or some such thing. A private campground we stumbled upon and as it was much closer than the one we were angling toward and it had a reported pool and we had ridden over the Mississippi River and its hellish bluffs we were happy to call it a day early. Trouble was, this campground sucked! One of the pricier places we stayed, no pool, crummy showers, bug infested and we got to listen to the pleasant sounds of a man yelling at his spouse for a good long while. Such was our displeasure we skeedaddled in the early a.m. and rode to the next town to cook breakfast.

Third night. Rock Cut State Park in Rockford, IL. Our best complete camp so far, but still not enough. Sure it was economical and had a fine shower facility. But, a Friday night in a State Park in a large town leads to being surrounded by car camping culture and all its pleasures including but not limited too: screaming kids, large smoky grills and fires, cars and cars and more cars moving here and there and barking dogs, too! Yes, it was a rough night in that little slice of the american dream.

Nights four and five. My folks house! We slept on their screened porch and while the weather was quite inviting, the neighbors partying around a fire and blowing up firecrackers was less so to the tired bike tourists. Great view, nice shower and the fine company of the family.

Night six. Monroe, WI at the Green County Fairgrounds. There was fresh weather updates that big storms might roll through that night so we went for super building shelter. It was secure and smelled like farm animals. No shower but we did not need one as my folks dropped us off here. Nice and quiet and inexpensive.

The seventh night. Rustic Barn Camp in Keiler, WI. A big RV park which is not the jams in general but it was a beautiful site and had the best showers of the trip. Decently priced and oh so nice! Bonus points for having a camp kitty, Mouser!

Last night. Doug’s house in Anamosa, IA. We were heading for another state park but it was a long day, we were at a bar drinking beers and eating and a quick call to Doug brought him to our rescue! His house was just a couple of blocks away and with a shower and spare bed it was a treat to be there. Very quiet and it was good to see Doug and his super good looking doggie, Tupelo!


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  1. 1

    brian said,

    nice trip. we are glad you’re back, and i can’t wait to hear more about it.


  2. 2

    Jay said,

    Wow, looks like you guys had fun. Can’t wait until Sydney is old enough to go on a tour with us.

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