Shots From the Road

We saw lots of stuff on our tour, here is a closed road that got all undercut by them floods that happened before.

We made it across but we walked the bikes.  Saw the locals using fourwheelers to get through!

Here is the 10 spot we found on the side of Hwy 64!  After losing 30 at the DK200 this year I feel the world still owes me twenty so I will be keeping my eyes open.

While enjoying a lovely break and lunch in Preston, IA in their nice city park we noticed big clouds coming and heard some thunder rumbling too so we moved into the shelter and ker-plam! A big windy cold rainy storm hit.

After waiting out the rains we rolled on to Illinois and a more substantial second lunch in Savanna.

After lunch it was off to the aforementioned hellish bluffs and some mighty fine gravel, too.  We think we rode gravel each day of our tour, and some days, like this one, quite a few miles of it.

The next day, as we were making the first push out of Rockford, IL on big loud and fast car infested state highway 173 we stumbled upon a bike path unknown to us and these fine folks sorted out directions for us, the path went all the way over to the county line, and passed a bike shop to boot!

This was typical scenery for a fair bit of our time out there

This is a lunch stop in Hebron, IL.  Most stops involved map perusal.

Another path led us from Hebron all the way into Wisconsin and we could have followed it all the way up to Madison.

But we had a retirement party to get to, so we kept on and after four good days of riding we were there to help celebrate.  Hooray mom!

I will post more pictures from the return ride and some additional stuff about the two bike shops we visited along the way soon.  In news since we have been home, I switched the Salsa to its SS setup and switched the tires, too, which shaved much weight from the machine.  We have been busy getting the house cleaned up and organized from the camp gear explosion that occured when we got home.  And we have been working, too.  In fact, I have to go to work now, so I will catch up with you all later


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    Sara said,

    Hey Steve,

    It was great seeing you and Cody and getting to share Mom’s retirement dinner with some good Italian Fare. I can’t believe you lost 30 and found 10! I found the other 20 at the Dave Matthews concert a few weeks ago. I didn’t know it was yours! I will gladly return it and am so glad to know who lost it now. I hope to see you both again very soon.

    Happy Days,


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