The Usual Gravel Mayhem

re-enactment! not a derailler destroyed on last nights ride! They were much nicer!

This week the college green A rides switched to gravel.  Tuesday was a fairly tame romp around but Thursday saw a different sort of energy.  It had rained proper in the morning and things were wet.  Cochran showed up with some slick skinnies on his cross bike and I laughed that he would be fine after we got through the B roads.  The general consesus seemed to be that we would not be riding any B roads so he would be fine for the whole ride.  8 miles later, as we were 10 feet into a B road and finding it very muddy indeed most folks headed for the ditch and the safety of the deep grass.  This was a short stretch, not more than a mile and probably less than 3/4 but by the end of it we were muddy, bruised, scratched, tired, wet footed and four bikes were missing rear deraillers.  It was a good time.  Two of the bikes with no deraillers were single speeds so no harm done and indeed they were both rolling onward to the next gravel hysteria while the rest of us were pulling crap out of our drivetrains or calling for evac at the side of the road.  Later there was a flat tire, the Thrillah dropped his shades and had to go back for them and Cochran lost a water bottle which I promptly ran over and exploded.  Plus it was a really pretty night out there.

Long live the gravel season!

pic from the times

In other news, this Sunday will mark the 9 year anniversary of my completion of my AT thru hike and to commemorate this occasion the New York Times did an article about the trail and the people currently on it and around it.  Of course I am not on it or around it currently so they left me out of the article entirely but I still enjoyed reading it and it triggered some fine memories.


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  1. 1

    brian said,

    definitely some gravel (or mud) hijinks on last nights ride. i’m feeling a little better about my nap now.

  2. 2

    nanners said,

    As a veteran of some, but cetainly, not all, the crazy IC gravel rides, I do recommend them – sure, there are crashes, but usually you don’t end up in the hospital, as you often do after a road crash. Having said that, I DID break my collarbone on a gravel jaunt a few winters back. The level B roads are the home of Mez, as he is the only one around here who actually knows where the hell we actually are at any given moment. Last year, at a remote gravel intersection, a farmer asked us, “Are you fellas lost?”. We had to admit, that with the possible exception of our eternal souls, we were not lost, as we had Mez with us.

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