August Rocks!

See for yourself.

Finding myself in the midst of some time off I have been getting after some chores.  We have some shelves that have never been finished and I needed our jigsaw for this task, which was damaged in the construction of Sebastian’s Play Palace.  I don’t know much about electricianry but I know how to fix two cut wires, with wire nuts!

They kinda look like bunny ears, no?  I used some electrical tape too, just for structural integrity.  Cody was impressed, she asked me if it worked and I said yep!  She asked if it was safe and I said yep!  Then I said, well I think so…  Anyways, our shelving looks much better now.

There was another Amana ride yesterday which I was happy to attend.  Two weeks out from my previous poor showing and I was riding much better I think, at least it was much more comfortable.  There were the usual Hi-Jinx, with yet another derailler getting munched, a couple of crashes (not me this time) some flat tires and many pitchers of Millstream’s finest imbibed.  It was tough getting started again for the return trip but I pushed through the pain and had a respectable ride in, getting dropped ultimately but feeling a whole lot better about my Chequamegon fitness than I did two weeks ago.  Rest time now, then a few more spunky rides to put the final polish on my form.  Now I have to get the bike totally and completely ready.

Cody is going to come with to check out the north Wisconsin ambiance and I am excited about that, we are planning to spend a night (or two) in Madison, that town we love so much, and are probably going to rent a car.  Which is a bummer but is okay, too.  It will be a great trip!

Around home, in addition to saw repair and shelf denouement there has been much quality time spent with the kitties, check out what Ritchie can do.

From tree to shed in a single bound!

Hear him roar!

Surveying his fiefdom!

I have seen him get down before (he jumps) but I missed it this time, which I am okay with as it makes me nervous like a parent.


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  1. 1

    ari said,

    It’s Super-Cat. Hope you guys have a blast in Madison. Northern towns with lots of bike culture.
    We want to go to Decorah again.

  2. 2

    Kevin said,

    When you are working with tools, just remember the mantra “safety is no accident!” Just ask Eppen, he’ll set ya straight!

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