Chequamegon Forty Version 2008

The results are in.  The photos are up.  Some of them, anyways.

from skinny ski

It was a wet course and it rained hearty while we were out there.  I must say things went well for me, as well as they could anyways.  No mechanicals.  I did not blow up.  It was disappointing on the fire road and four wheeler trail sections to lose many places but I spun my 32/16 for all I was worth and I know it was all I could handle.  I made it over most of the climbs albeit by the skin of my teeth a few times and twice I had to hoof it, but once was on firetower where most people have to anyways and the other time I was tired and I took a crappy line, too.  For those that do not want to page through the big leaflet of results and who have pressed through my prose I reward you with the firm stats, I came in 217th in 2 hours 36 minutes and change as the 15th singlespeeder.  To place any better I will either have to work on my big gear pushing and hill top running or just up and switch the bike back to geared.  Lots of time to ponder these things!  All in all it was a great trip and I am already looking forward to another go in 2009.  I love Chequamegon!

Good night.


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  1. 1

    brian said,

    good racing steve! i’m sorry i didnt get to see you after the race. i finally found the back of your helmet a few minutes before the start, and then that was it. we’ll have to catch up soon, maybe an easy ride tuesday? or possibly a coffee break wednesday afternoon?

  2. 2

    Jeff Barnes said,

    Job well done!

  3. 3

    we’re so proud of you here, sonny boy.
    did you beat that one guy?

  4. 4

    Kari Rrrrr said,

    Good to see you are still riding Stevie G.


  5. 5

    bikeiowa said,

    Thanks for the yippee words everybody! While I did not win or anything I was pretty happy with my ride and, as my someday calf tattoo will boldly proclaim, NEXT YEAR.

    Brian, I am working my butt off out at the farm and my riding will consist of commuting for a couple of months, I think. Except for the Scramble, so you should do that.

    Thanks Rock

    Kim, of course I beat that one guy. But who is he?

    And Kari, who are you? Are you the Kari I once lived with in Ames? Or my cousin? Or some other Kari I am sad to not remember? Please do tell!

  6. 6

    Kari Rrrrr said,

    I am the Kari from Ames. I am in Chicago on business and I thought of you, and looked you up.


  7. 7

    way to go steve-o! did you race hard enough if you wanna do it again so soon? damn, i wish i could have coffee with you this week. i also took your calling me out and updated my shit. life is busy…..blah, blah, blah.
    hearts and unicorn farts!

  8. 8

    bikeiowa said,

    Hey Kari, thats nice to hear from you! If you wanna catch up further (like whats up with business trips to Chicago) give me an email at geepickle at gmail dot com

    And Ira, I raced hard enough this time, thanks for updating your weblog and we can have coffee, it will just have to be over the phone so pour yourself a cup and call me up.

  9. 9

    come on! chequamegon is so like 2 weeks ago. cross is so this week! i heard you are working for the folks. good on ya!

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