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Two Blogs To Feed…

As many of you know, Tarik and Elena have increased their tax deductions recently.  I am most honored to have been asked by said BEST BLOGGER to update his blog while he learns to change diapers and forgets how to sleep so for a while I will posting to his blog so for todays update of my blog please refer to his.

Thank you.

Special not Tarik’s blog bonus for my loyal readers:

Check this out!


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the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way

300 days.

I coulda gestated a baby in less time.

Thanks to Rob & Dave

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So Much Time, So Little To Say

I have been a bad blogger as of late. I offer no excuses, I just urge you to go out and live your own life when you don’t get to read about mine.

Go on!

Or go back and read the archives to kill time. There is some great stuff back there! Moral victories, the trip to Portland, onions in grilled cheese, gravel ride reports o’ plenty and lots of pictures of cats.

I am still working construction, a couple of different jobs these days have seen me with the long commute out to the farm and a shorter commute here in town doing a bit of work over at Jason’s house. Nice to catch up with that guy, he was not around much this year and he has to go back to Denmark in just over a month to the team presentation. Serves him right for being so durned fast says me!

I have been taking walks with Cody and it is nice to enjoy the changing seasons and just relax.

We started a fall spinach crop and it is doing okay, we will see if it can provide us with a salad or not.

Looming large on the horizon is the Jiggle Cross and it should be quite the affair as always. John will be back and while my fitness is lacking I am planning to race both days and since I don’t have a Gin & Trombones I think I will ride my Townie w/Cymbals.

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I Was Gonna Update My Blog…

But I listened to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR with Cody.

But my FUJI 1 Speed had a flat and I had to fix it and as a bonus I put in veloplugs to increase my overall townie performance.

But I rode the Salsa on gravel with Brian.

But I volunteered at the Bike Library Rental Bench and helped 3 people fix up 4 of their bikes.

But I helped Cody paint a wall in her new studio and performed general cleaning duties.

But I cleaned the tub.

But I did not have any exciting pictures of stuff I have been up to so I figured whats the point.

But I only got 6 hours of sleep last night.

But Wayne needed pets.

But I took the KHS apart so I can ebay it (wanna bid?) to pay for my IRA.

But I did.

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Good Stuff

Last night I was cruising around on the infomercial superhighway and I bumped into some old friends of mine from Decorah.  Ward and Jackie Budweg are on a ride around the world?  I had not seen Ward in a while and this would explain why.  I guess I am not as up on everything Iowa cycling as I would like to be.  I met Ward when I raced for his bike shop team for a couple of years.  Now that wool Adidas jersey is nice, yes, but check this out!

We had some sweet jerseys.

Ward was also in on the first trans iowa and he let those of us who rode shower at his house after and take a nap in his basement.  Probably the soundest nap I have ever taken.  Ward himself had wisely decided to bag that event at the checkpoint but he did return and finish that sucker the year that Ira won it for the second time.

I used to bump into Ward and Jackie and their merry band of Decorah folk on ragbrai when I was there and it is great to see that they are doing a trip like this.  Everytime I think about embarking on such an endeavor I get all excited but to actually sell my house and give everything up like they did?  Tough call!  Maybe someday but it seems unlikely at this point.  The future does not exist, of course, so for now I am just happy to be able to read of their trip and you should check it out, too!

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The Commute

Since Chequamegon I have only ridden once (with Brian) in an official capacity.  And wouldya just lookit that gut!  Captured in full color focus by Nick Martin.  more here, but not of me.

The rest of my riding for the past three weeks has been the to and from work kind with a few trips to the store and one lovely ride out to meet Jim and friends on his birthday ride.  Here is a photo recap of my ride to work each day.

I roll through a cemetery which is pretty nice.  No cars and just the occasional deer.

Then it is out into the joys of street navigation!  Here is a bike path for you, oh now it is just a side walk, oh it is a bike path again, hope you want to turn right because if you want to go straight not only does it disappear but good luck re-entering traffic!  And just look at that wonderful shoulder that will get you cut off by folks turning onto the Interstate 80 ramp so they can go 75 sooner or, if you survive that challenge, will evaporate at the bridge that crosses said interstate just ahead.

Decision time next, do I want to prove my point and brave the pavement or abandon the right to the road crusade for a mile to be sure I do not get run over by a semi or a contractor on the phone or a minivan with with an inspirational bumper sticker or just a regular old plain sedan even?  My choice is clear…

Soon enough I am rewarded with the kind of road people should think of when they think of Iowa cycling.  Quiet, winding, deer in every field, wild turkeys gobbling around, the occasional friendly dog and roadkill every 9/10ths of a mile..

Gently rolling hills and gently curving curves, too!

There is a nice doggie and some cute cats that live at the top of this climb.

All in all it is mostly a nice ride and I do enjoy a long bicycle commute, but I sure do wish I did not have to brave the interstate overpass and Highway 1.  It sucks to have to be scared to go to work.

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