The Commute

Since Chequamegon I have only ridden once (with Brian) in an official capacity.  And wouldya just lookit that gut!  Captured in full color focus by Nick Martin.  more here, but not of me.

The rest of my riding for the past three weeks has been the to and from work kind with a few trips to the store and one lovely ride out to meet Jim and friends on his birthday ride.  Here is a photo recap of my ride to work each day.

I roll through a cemetery which is pretty nice.  No cars and just the occasional deer.

Then it is out into the joys of street navigation!  Here is a bike path for you, oh now it is just a side walk, oh it is a bike path again, hope you want to turn right because if you want to go straight not only does it disappear but good luck re-entering traffic!  And just look at that wonderful shoulder that will get you cut off by folks turning onto the Interstate 80 ramp so they can go 75 sooner or, if you survive that challenge, will evaporate at the bridge that crosses said interstate just ahead.

Decision time next, do I want to prove my point and brave the pavement or abandon the right to the road crusade for a mile to be sure I do not get run over by a semi or a contractor on the phone or a minivan with with an inspirational bumper sticker or just a regular old plain sedan even?  My choice is clear…

Soon enough I am rewarded with the kind of road people should think of when they think of Iowa cycling.  Quiet, winding, deer in every field, wild turkeys gobbling around, the occasional friendly dog and roadkill every 9/10ths of a mile..

Gently rolling hills and gently curving curves, too!

There is a nice doggie and some cute cats that live at the top of this climb.

All in all it is mostly a nice ride and I do enjoy a long bicycle commute, but I sure do wish I did not have to brave the interstate overpass and Highway 1.  It sucks to have to be scared to go to work.


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  1. 1

    Scott said,

    Gotta love that overpass on N Dodge. I work at Pearson and that is by far the worst part of my commute. Make sure you highlight that section of road during your mapping activity at the bikeway master plan workshop.

  2. 2

    Cody G. said,

    Mapping activity?! Now I’m totally going to that workshop…

  3. 3

    tarik said,

    Who cares about the gut, whatta jersey!

  4. 4

    John L. said,

    Yeah, that jersey is pretty incredible.

  5. 5

    kari rrrr said,

    Steve, that commute is insane.

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