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Last night I was cruising around on the infomercial superhighway and I bumped into some old friends of mine from Decorah.  Ward and Jackie Budweg are on a ride around the world?  I had not seen Ward in a while and this would explain why.  I guess I am not as up on everything Iowa cycling as I would like to be.  I met Ward when I raced for his bike shop team for a couple of years.  Now that wool Adidas jersey is nice, yes, but check this out!

We had some sweet jerseys.

Ward was also in on the first trans iowa and he let those of us who rode shower at his house after and take a nap in his basement.  Probably the soundest nap I have ever taken.  Ward himself had wisely decided to bag that event at the checkpoint but he did return and finish that sucker the year that Ira won it for the second time.

I used to bump into Ward and Jackie and their merry band of Decorah folk on ragbrai when I was there and it is great to see that they are doing a trip like this.  Everytime I think about embarking on such an endeavor I get all excited but to actually sell my house and give everything up like they did?  Tough call!  Maybe someday but it seems unlikely at this point.  The future does not exist, of course, so for now I am just happy to be able to read of their trip and you should check it out, too!


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    Cody G. said,

    That jersey!! It’s killing my eyes!!

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