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Fringe Benefits, Part 4

Lots of chatter and internetergy being expended regarding trans Iowa, which will turn five years old next spring.  I am very happy to have done it once, and glad for everything I took away from the experience.  Like the pledge that I will not do it again.  Or the tyvek sleeve that has been protecting my atm card since that fateful day .

After the really cold morning meeting we went to eat breakfast at a local Hawarden restaurant and on the way I stopped for money at a bank and next to their money machine there was a pile of these sleeves.  I had been wanting one for some time as all my cards would wear out before their expiration date would come around but I could never seem to find one.  Indeed, I think that is the last place I saw them.  I am sure that the sleeve is far and away the thing I got from trans Iowa that I have used the most, and as such I am glad I did that ride if just to get it.

In other fringe benefitery, we have been working over at JMC’s house for the past couple of weeks and before he flew to Denmark to get attacked by a dog he gave me a very nice insulated Discovery Channel jacket with jersey style back pockets.

Might just get me back out riding someday soon.  Now let me tell you about something else really cool I got for finishing that ol’ trans Iowa.  Its called a Jethro Tule and it is a stubby lil’ 15mm wrench for a bolt on rear wheel but here is the fringe benefit kicker, it’s got a totally freaking ergonomic and stylish anti-establishment bottle opener built right into it!  I could go on and on about all the beers I have never once opened with it, but I won’t.


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Two Things

Last night we opened the first bottle of wine from last week’s buying binge. A South African red called Pepper Pot. It was so good even Ritchie passed out.

I built a bike port / general storage area on the side of our shed. It now has our tandem hanging under it, which is great because it is accessible without moving four other bikes around plus it frees up space in the shed so we can get even more bikes! I am in the process of building an even bigger one on the other side for even more bike storage. Bring. Them. On.

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Nutty Overtones

Last week Cody and I went to a wine tasting at the New Pi Co-Op that offered amazing deals. We came home with a strong buzz and a half case of our favorites and we are keeping the proceeds in our wine cellar.

What it lacks in climate/humidity control and redwood racks it more than makes up for in creepy ambiance. After a trip down to the catacombs to retrieve a bottle you are more than ready to drink it!

Today Cody and I worked retail at the BL from 10 – 1 and it was a great time as is usual. Checked out a couple of bikes, organized, cleaned, fixed, etc. I love the BL! Next Friday there is an Open House down there and then a party to celebrate another great year and everyone is invited so come on down if you like us. Details here and I hope to see you!

We got a package from Ira this week filled with all sorts of good stuff. Ritchie was excited.

A new fork and rack for Cody’s Puch that has been stuck in our shed for far too long. Stylish, functional and smells great, too!

Good friend that Ira is he also included one of his super cool candles for us and a short sleeve jersey for me so I can still match my new bike next season after the long sleeved jersey has gone into long term storage.

Check it!

There are more photos of this diamond in the rough that will probably win the Ragnarok 105 next year over at Ira’s flickr site. The paint scheme is worked out and it is looking to be something in the brown range with cream panel and orange accents.  I’m kinda excited about it.

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Everyone Is Doing It

Good friend and alert interneteer John recently emailed me a link to THIS glorious blog about a Japanese cat named Maru. It will make you smile, so go check it out all the time like the rest of us. A lesser blogger might be discouraged that a kitty would get so much attention but I am undeterred. Watch the youtube videos, they are hilarious and oh so cute.

So I have been injured for a while. I don’t know if it was from cross racing or building porches or the combination of the two or just years and years of poor posture but my left side got all in a twist from my shoulder down to my knee with lots of pain while breathing in the rib/lung area. It was unpleasant, but Cody shared with me some massage and stretching exercises she has learned and with that plus four days of sitting on the couch I am feeling better. Good enough to go out to Ira’s folks new farmhouse yesterday and start putting shingles on it. I need to pay much more attention to my flexibility/posture than I do, I am not getting any younger.

Today it is cold and raining so no roofing, a bonus day off. I rode down to Cody’s studio and brought her lunch and, long time coming, I found something in the gutter on the way!

A sports team logo, I can’t remember which one, but here’s the clever bit, it’s a magnet! How whimsical you say? Not pure whimsy, it is also functional and is what will help this gem of a road find stay put on the bottom of my refrigerator.

Riding has been non-existent since that cross race I did and I am very okay with that but for the Jiggly Cross still approaching. I will try and get a few rides in before then. Until then, remember what Maru says.

Maru:[ Please do your best this week!]

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Mr Excitement

Here it is, another Friday night in the life.  Last Saturday at the State CX Championship Doc Hopson brought some tasty beers that I liked quite well and today Cody and I walked down to John’s to get some for ourselves.

While we enjoyed the SAISON Ale and the Double Wide IPA we made veggie stock from scratch.  It is so easy and I am very excited to make tastier soups than ever before.

I found out today that I got into the Ragnarok 105 which should be a good time and sitting here in my pj’s, slightly buzzed and 5 months out from the event I do publicly declare that my intention is to win it.

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