Mr Excitement

Here it is, another Friday night in the life.  Last Saturday at the State CX Championship Doc Hopson brought some tasty beers that I liked quite well and today Cody and I walked down to John’s to get some for ourselves.

While we enjoyed the SAISON Ale and the Double Wide IPA we made veggie stock from scratch.  It is so easy and I am very excited to make tastier soups than ever before.

I found out today that I got into the Ragnarok 105 which should be a good time and sitting here in my pj’s, slightly buzzed and 5 months out from the event I do publicly declare that my intention is to win it.


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    Tarik said,

    I also slightly buzzed declare my intention to win the race tomorrow even though I most likely won’t make it there on time!

    This is a good plan.

    Welcome back to your own blog, thanks a bunch pickle!

  2. 2

    Tarik said,

    Dammit, I did the race, and did not win, not remotely close even… I wish you better luck than I in your prognostications.

  3. 3

    […] Filed under 30th Century Bicycle, Life One of you might remember that way back in the winter time I declared, on this very weblog, that I intended to win a race this year.  As it turns out, I wound up […]

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