Everyone Is Doing It

Good friend and alert interneteer John recently emailed me a link to THIS glorious blog about a Japanese cat named Maru. It will make you smile, so go check it out all the time like the rest of us. A lesser blogger might be discouraged that a kitty would get so much attention but I am undeterred. Watch the youtube videos, they are hilarious and oh so cute.

So I have been injured for a while. I don’t know if it was from cross racing or building porches or the combination of the two or just years and years of poor posture but my left side got all in a twist from my shoulder down to my knee with lots of pain while breathing in the rib/lung area. It was unpleasant, but Cody shared with me some massage and stretching exercises she has learned and with that plus four days of sitting on the couch I am feeling better. Good enough to go out to Ira’s folks new farmhouse yesterday and start putting shingles on it. I need to pay much more attention to my flexibility/posture than I do, I am not getting any younger.

Today it is cold and raining so no roofing, a bonus day off. I rode down to Cody’s studio and brought her lunch and, long time coming, I found something in the gutter on the way!

A sports team logo, I can’t remember which one, but here’s the clever bit, it’s a magnet! How whimsical you say? Not pure whimsy, it is also functional and is what will help this gem of a road find stay put on the bottom of my refrigerator.

Riding has been non-existent since that cross race I did and I am very okay with that but for the Jiggly Cross still approaching. I will try and get a few rides in before then. Until then, remember what Maru says.

Maru:[ Please do your best this week!]


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