Nutty Overtones

Last week Cody and I went to a wine tasting at the New Pi Co-Op that offered amazing deals. We came home with a strong buzz and a half case of our favorites and we are keeping the proceeds in our wine cellar.

What it lacks in climate/humidity control and redwood racks it more than makes up for in creepy ambiance. After a trip down to the catacombs to retrieve a bottle you are more than ready to drink it!

Today Cody and I worked retail at the BL from 10 – 1 and it was a great time as is usual. Checked out a couple of bikes, organized, cleaned, fixed, etc. I love the BL! Next Friday there is an Open House down there and then a party to celebrate another great year and everyone is invited so come on down if you like us. Details here and I hope to see you!

We got a package from Ira this week filled with all sorts of good stuff. Ritchie was excited.

A new fork and rack for Cody’s Puch that has been stuck in our shed for far too long. Stylish, functional and smells great, too!

Good friend that Ira is he also included one of his super cool candles for us and a short sleeve jersey for me so I can still match my new bike next season after the long sleeved jersey has gone into long term storage.

Check it!

There are more photos of this diamond in the rough that will probably win the Ragnarok 105 next year over at Ira’s flickr site. The paint scheme is worked out and it is looking to be something in the brown range with cream panel and orange accents.  I’m kinda excited about it.


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