Two Skis Are Better Than One

Well here we go, it is ski time in Iowa!  We have just a smidgen of snow on the ground but the Ashton CC course is very skiable and I have been out twice now for an hour each to try and get over some of the initial inescapable soreness to my hip flexors, shoulders, back, quads, etc…  before we get decent snow and grooming gets done.

My first ski was Saturday morning.  I was sad not to get out sooner but I had to find all my stuff and get the super-toober onto the bike and all that jazz so I went patient with it and my first ski was pretty stress free.  A windy morning and I was pushing into it on the way over, Cody came along for a bit and that was nice.  The snow was okay, but with the wind there were some large areas that looked more green than white but I found there was enough ice and snow down in there to ski right through.  I took three laps, which took an hour, and called it good.  I was skiing classic and I saw Eppen out there skating and he said it was unpredictable with some deep drifted areas and others that were naturally groomed by the wind that were pretty good.  He switched to classic after one lap.

So it was not the stuff of legend or anything, but it was a solid two hours of exercise and it was great to be out and I found myself smiling and enjoying myself and looking forward to (hopefully) another banner year of skiing in Iowa.

Sunday I was not able to get out because I had a little too much fun at the Lefler’s holiday party Saturday night.  When I finally got up and at em I thought maybe I could go but decided the risk of overdoing it and getting sick was too great.  So I took a day off to let my aches and pains really set in proper and then went out tonight (that be Monday) for the same deal, thirty minute ride over, one hour ski, thirty minute ride back.  Bum deal today was that not only did we get none of our forecast snow over the weekend, but it started doing that wintry mix on me as I was riding over there.  Will it destroy the snow we have?  I dunno, but the rule in Iowa is you better ski while there is snow, because it might not be around for long.  So the conditions were worse tonight, but I was happy to get in another three loops and hopefully if I can keep getting out even if the snow is dirty so that when a blizzard comes I might not be completely sore for days.


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    Gritty said,

    Thanks for posting the picture of your ski carrying contraption. A trip to the hardware store yesterday and now I’m ready.

    Test ride to the movie store last night was good, but the cap at the bottom of the tube fell off a couple times. I’ll have to pick up some sealant for that and then I’ll be good to go.

    Happy Skiing and thanks again!

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