Round Two

Ira sent me a new picture of the bike proper, here it be. I think it looks sharp.


Don’t worry, them aint my wheels, strictly for display purposes they are. I will be running the tri spoke in back and a disc up front. The steerer tube looks about perfect for my aerobars. Best road find ever, and they are neon yellow, too. Had the whole bike built around them honestly.


Jealous much?


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  1. 1

    d.p. said,

    24″ disc?

    Dang that’s pretty.

  2. 2

    ira ryan said,

    are those pj’s uci legal? i am pretty sure they banned the use of that taosty lookin cap too. i remember dogbait made a disc wheel out of fiberglass and foam back in the day. he might still have it……..

  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    My pj’s are legal everywhere!

    While I don’t like the wordpress automatically generated possibly related posts, I do like the two that came up for this post an awful lot.

    And d.p., this is a full on 700c bike here, the aerobars are 24″ though… How you doing by the way?

  4. 4

    d.p. said,

    Well, I’m deeply envious after seeing these
    lovely pictures, thankyou for asking.
    I’m also proud to say I plan on riding
    2009 on no new equipment, save a pair of brown socks
    and possibly a new tattoo, if the recurring dream is true.
    Happy holler days to you and yours
    anxious for pictures of the debut.

  5. 5

    bikeiowa said,

    Ahwwww yeah d.p.!

    SingleSpeed worlds is the 2009 focus, eh?

    We should ride together sometime. Not the DK200 and after the skiing is done though.

  6. 6

    DG said,

    I bet you could haul some wood on those bars. And by wood , I mean like sticks and stuff.

  7. 8

    John L. said,

    those wheels will really bring out your “new meets old” aesthetic sensibilities.

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