What a difference a year makes

Last year.

This year I was up before six, but instead of biffing it on my front step and riding for the whole day long I enjoyed a nice morning with Cody.  Oatmeal and coffee and some killer double chocolate vegan cookies that she made for us to take out to the farm for the holiday feast but we forgot them.  Whoops…

The farmhouse where Ira did not grow up and sadly because of the snowpocalypse in Portland he could not make it back to party down with us.  Bummer.

The great room sure is great.

Dinner, alas with no Ira or vegan cookies for dessert but it was still really good.

Back to today then, I did leave a bit after 10 to ride to Ashton and get in a ski.  The big race series is coming up after all.  Conditions were poor, with temps pushing 40F, but I kept at it and got six loops done for 18 kilometers of classic goodness.  My longest ski of the year!  It felt really warm out there.  After a lap and some I stopped and took off my headband and gloves and opened all the venting zippers on my ski pants and hitched up the legs over my knees for good measure.  I still had sweat running down my face!  By the time I left for home I was feeling a good bonk and sure enough, when I got home 3+ hours after I left I was kaput.  So I had lunch.  And a shower.  Now I still have 3 hours or so left to spend not riding 100 miles on gravel!  Yipee for me, mayhap another round of coffee?

Good to be home.  Speaking of home, I did finish that shed thing, here it is proper.


A shed to be reckoned with!


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  1. 1

    DG said,

    Curse’ed Cup(s)! Just one more century to go now. Sunday.

    I sure hope when all this crusty crap melts off it gets replaced by some fresh stuff.


  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Good on ya Dennis, and better you than me!

  3. 3

    ira ryan said,

    nice and comfy dude! stoked to see more photos of the house and i am thinking about getting cx skiis but it isn’t as consistent with snow out in p town like it is in iowa. glad to hear you aren’t doing the gravel cup wrap up this year too. keep it up.

  4. 4

    DG said,

    Obviously, there should be a gravel recovery help group or something. The scourge cannot go on. I’m afraid it may be spreading.

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