Got out for another ski at Ashton today, big surprise after the warm and raining weather of the past two days, but the last minute late night inch of snow we got made it okay I tell ya!  I took the skate skis, my second outing of the year on them and my 9th ski of this young (IhopeIhope) ski season.  I am starting to feel a good rhythm somehow.


It was a beautiful day, shining sun and good temps and all that stuff and I was all excited to get out in it.  I had experienced some rubbing and blister issues on my left foot the last time I skated so I had to bag it early but today I felt pretty good on the skis and got in an hour.  I continue to be a mediocre skate skier but it sure is fun and a nice change of pace from classic.  I only biffed it once!  There was lots of bumpy ice and drifted snow on the NE half of the field but the other half was pretty good.  I saw a woman on classic skis but I got to ruin the untouched (at noon even!) skate track all by myself.

On the ride over and back I enjoyed the usual stares of the happily motoring citizenry and a man directing traffic around the UofI arena boldly told me that I had my skis with me as I rolled by.  I was glad to hear it.

So I alluded in a previous post that we are trying to get a ski race series going on here in Iowa City at Ashton and it is all true.  We are all set to  hold 4 on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm starting Jan 6th.  All the details are over at the iowa ski website so please read about it and pass the word and come do it!  Snow is the only obstacle to making this happen but I am sure we will get some nice groomable snow and even if it is not until March we are going to have some stuff like this!  Sort of…


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    brian said,

    glad to hear you’re out skating away. i have also crashed each time i skated this year. no skating here in arizona, but we did get some snow. made me wish for the skis. thankfully i’ve been out on the bike almost everyday (also with some light crashing).

    i’m looking froward to getting back for the inaugural ski race. see you january!


  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Come back to us Brian!

    Tan and sassy!

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