The Skimaster

A ski-and-poles fantasy about a young man’s search for fitness. Armed with supertoobed townie, the handsome hero and his animal quads wage war against marauding winter so he can wear naught but his leather skivies more often.

dar3i am not a photoshoper, does that sword even look kinda like a ski? you don’t need to answer that but check out these full custom ski poles I drew myself!dar4

So yeah Cody and I watched the Beastmaster the other day.  Why do these things sound like good ideas?  Because we got a subscription to netflix from my sister is why.  We did watch the Man With One Red Shoe which made me laugh a bunch.  This morning I went over to Ashton and skated again.  It was good, I did 90 minutes on the skis plus the hour of riding so I am feeling a bit cooked tonight.  My skate form continues to improve and I was feeling so good about it I tried to get fancy and biffed it just as I was finishing up.  Whoa is me!

Maybe Cody will take pity on me and use her mad computer skillz to help me put together some better altered Dar photos.  Or she might just laugh at me.  It was still a good idea though…


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  1. 1

    Cody G. said,

    I am stunned & amazed by the photo-altering abilities demonstrated here, so I think my help is not needed.

    I did want to note that it was because we watched The Man with One Red Shoe that we ended up watching Beastmaster. The author of this blog, as observant as ever, used his keen eye to discover that the sexy spy-ess character in TMWORS was played by someone named Lori Singer. This led the above mentioned author to wonder aloud if this might be a relation, perhaps sister, of the famed Marc Singer, aka Dar, aka The Beastmaster. A quick scan on the IMDB proved the sister theory to be correct, and a quicker scan on Netflix led us to be instantly plunged into the dark, shadowy, vague, incomprehensible world of The Beastmaster.

    I also want to note how cool it is that Dar can ski on flames.

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Hey, how’d ya get my head?

    Cody does not look like that everybody!

  3. 3

    Tarik said,

    Excellent. I love the bottom pic. I am waxing here in a minute and heading up for the first skate of the season. Woo. I am hoping to look like the bottom picture soon. I may need to borrow the image for inspiration for the local club.

  4. 4

    John L. said,

    Do you ski in animal furs?

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