Next Year

A favorite mantra of mine.  Next year I am going to be fast again.  Next year I am going to learn Spanish.  Next year I am going to have a huge garden.  Next year I am going to get my whole Appalachian Trail journal onto the web.  Next year I am going to run for public office.  Next year I am going to etc…  etc

Last year Cody and I rang in the next year right, with honky hornery!

stp81716stp817141We had thought to ride the tandem around downtown and honk that horn but when it got to be 11:45 and our bluff was called we were happy enough to be home and warm so we just settled for some shed-side revelry.  Next year!

As to that whole AT journal thing, I finally torpedoed the pathetic journal I had started here and I have started uploading all of my pictures and as time allows I will caption them and that will have to be as good as it gets.  Honestly, I can barely stand to read all my written ramblings from that trip so why would anyone else want to!  Just look at the pretty pictures and if you want more information ask me in person.  I can talk about that trip for hours it seems, just ask me!

I also changed the header photo, obviously, that last one was getting beyond stale.  The new is my old pal D Bax and I riding out to the Ragbee back in the day.

Happy Next Year!


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    bikeiowa said,

    Of special note, I am wearing the Giro Air Attack helmet in that new header photo, a fine piece of cranial protectory. D Bax is sporting the Bell / Reebok Pump helmet, no kidding. For you whippersnappers out there, that helmet had a little squishy pump thing at the back and when you pumped it these little air bags around your melon would inflate which would not only make the helmet fit better but would also better cushion your grey matter in the unlikely event you would ever collide with a basketball player wearing Reebok pump sneakers.

  2. 2

    Dave B said,

    I didn’t make the cover of Time Magazine as Man of the Year, but I went one level up from there and made it on Steve’s blog header. True, that helmet had an air bladder with a pump button under the back end of the helmet. If you saw someone wearing one of these helmets, you could sneak up behind them, push the pump button a bunch of times, and over inflate their helmet, giving them an instant headache.

  3. 3

    […] May 13, 2009 · Filed under 30th Century Bicycle, Life One of you might remember that way back in the winter time I declared, on this very weblog, that I intended to win a race this year.  As it turns out, I wound up getting all the ducks in a row to open 30th Century Bicycle and racing of any sort became a low priority.  I forgot about the Ragnarok 105 completely, and when I finally remembered it I was not even sure if I had missed it or if it was still coming up.  Turns out I had missed it.  Oops, I really had wanted to do that ride but now it will have to wait til Next Year. […]

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