Remain Calm, All Is Well

1animalhouse5081It snowed!  It is still not the thick blanket we need for elegant skiing, but it will work.  I was beginning to despair that I might actually have to don booties and saddle up but no worries, when I woke this morning I was delighted to see that we had indeed gotten some snow, and it was still falling.  I strapped the sooper-tuber back onto the Fuji and went to Ashton to see what was up.  My 11th ski of the season!  It was a good ride over, slippy roads and little car traffic make things fun.  I saw lots of people out striding & smiling, Brian and Robin were there and I skied with Brian for a bit.  I did three loops and was happy, it has been about 10 days since I last went out so I did not want to overdo it as I can get a good one in tomorrow for sure.  We may get to have our first race this week if the grooming works.

chipdillerALL IS WELL!!!!!


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