24 Below

When I woke up this morning the thremometer outside told me it was less than -20f outside!  I checked the weather online and they reported it was -24f!  Not quite Joe Price but Holy Cold!  We got a monster dumping of snow earlier in the week which has made it quite the winter wonderland out there, for those of us into that sort of thing.  Sadly, the first ski race had to be postponed due to the cold temps, but we are looking good for next week.  I am okay with that because the trophies I made are all here so for anyone stopping by that might check the mantle I look like quite the accomplished ski racer!

stp81752I did have some great skis earlier in the week before the bottom dropped out of the thermometer.  A good skate with Brian at Ashton followed up by two nights of classic striding in Hickory Hill, which was in great shape!  14 days on skis this season!  Whoop!  Hollah!  Whoop!  I took a day off then so as not to get to the whipped dog stage of fitness building and yesterday, with that hard working thermometer reading -10f at high noon while the sun blazed right on it, I took off into Hickory Hill for my first snowshoe adventure of the year.  I love snowshoeing and it was a great day for it.  We have lots of deep snow and it was fun to tromp deep into it through the woods.


I almost felt like I was living back in Vermont and was out on Mt Mansfield or Hunger, just me verses the elements, miles from shelter or an SUV!  So long as I did not turn my head it worked pretty well.


I love to make new tracks every time I go out so as long as the nice snow and uber cold temps continue this hillside will be getting trampled.

Don’t believe the weather warners!  Stay safe, of course, but get out and enjoy the season!

stp81751Unless you are a kitty, then you are excused.

stp817352Poor bored boys…

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  1. 1

    john said,


    Can you give me some advice regarding what type of snowshoes work best for Hickory Hill?

    I do a lot of hiking there but would like to try snowshoeing.


  2. 2

    tarik said,

    Wow. That is some cold. I went skiing at the cusp of twilight at 32 and dropping hard up at 9000 feet. But it has been in the 40’s during the day here in town. Good stuff. How in gods name do you wax for -20?

  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    John, I don’t know exactly what kind of snowshoes I have. We have 2 pairs, one is a sporty tubbs model and the other is a more aggro msr model. They both work great, but the msr has much grabbier teeth on the bottom which make it easier to climb really steep stuff. There is plenty of it out at Hickory Hill if you leave the normal trails. Lots of thorns out there,though.

    Tarik, I am woefully behind in my waxing skills so I dunno how to wax for -20 but it reportedly is not easy and does not work too well. We are back to the heat wave now, 30 degrees today so I hope to ski, but I trashed my calves snowshoeing…

  4. 4

    Gretcho said,

    yo yo!! i love getting notes from you on our blog. oh dearest gpickle. glad your adventures never cease and it seems as though all is well in your neck of the woods. it is amazing having a new little human in the fam, she brings such joy… as well as stinks that i never imagined existed in the universe! we are wishing you well… and talk about weirdness… i am in boulder right now in 60 deg weather! oh wacky weather, how do i love thee. take care!

  5. 5

    John said,

    Thanks for the snowshow tips, Steve. I’ll look for some with grabbier teeth and more traction. Should be great for the off-trail hills at Linder Point, too.

  6. 6

    ari said,

    Steve, Have you received your Ira frame yet?

  7. 7

    bikeiowa said,

    Hi Ari, the Ira is still in the hands of the Ira. I am not in much of a hurry to get it (or pay for it…) and he is happy to have it in his shop to show people a finished product so for now it will stay put. With the skiing as it is I am in no rush to ride, but it should be here by March. I hope!

  8. 8

    ari said,

    When its built I still think we should meet and have the first annual Ira Ryan Cycles ride in the Midwest.

  9. 9

    bikeiowa said,

    Oh yes, it is a date Ari!

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