Gone Fishin’

First, I am feeling much better.  The sickness never became debilitating or anything, just a mighty scratchy throat and the usual accompanying snotty nose / pleasant to be around demeanor.  I kept on working and did no skiing.  So I am still stuck at 16 days for this season, I hope to get some more in now that I am feeling better and we still have snow.  The fledgling ski race series is doing pretty well, I think.  We have held two now and had 20 skiers for the first night and 23 for the second.  Not bad for Iowa City, methinks!  If you are very interested there is more info and pictures and results and such over at the blog.

While I am feeling better, I did experience a personal loss today.  My bike lock of more than 5 years saw fit to go off on its own as if it were a seven foot padlocked Ring of Power or something.

No amount of searching has brought it back to me.  I have a new perspective on the road prizes and finds I have enjoyed over the years.  My loss is now someone else’s prize, just as others losses have been mine.  It kinda sucks.

stp81755In other news, I journeyed over to Des Moines on Saturday past to attend the IBC Bike Summit and Bike Night dinner.  The Landscape Architect from PDX was informative, and I liked the balance of his message.  Trails are not enough, he said it.  We need to have balance and equity between modes of travel in a good transportation system.  Provide users with choices.  Right on!  I remain unconvinced that it is a good idea for police officers to chase down kids wearing helmets while they ride and giving them happy fun time tickets that get them free ice cream at Wendy’s.  And the guy who spoke before lunch droned on about 28E agreements and I almost passed out.  Ah yes, the food!  I don’t get too worked up about food politics but come on people!  Iceberg lettuce with a vegetable per cubic yard is not a salad, even if you put ranch dressing on it.  Vegetarians were an afterthought (I love a good cheese sandwich!) and Vegans were disregarded altogether, unless they could eat a whole lotta pickles.  Dinner was similarly uninspired, why can’t we have a tasty sauce to help hide the flavors of the overcooked veggies and the undercooked tofu?

stp81768Bike Night was quite the sordid affair, dinner not withstanding.  The guest speaker this year was Gary Fisher.  You know who he is I suppose.  I had taken in one of his free form “speeches” after Chequamegon 2007 and the general consesus in the room after that one was that he was still high.  My latest encounter did nothing to change my mind on that count.  To say I was disappointed would be a huge understatement.  His jingoistic ranting made me cringe at times, laugh aloud more than twice and yell at him once.  What a blowhard.  What a burnout.  At a time when we need to be putting our best foot forward to move a meaningful law through the legislature to protect cyclists in Iowa Gary Fisher was far from the best we could have done.

I missed you out loud, Tarik!


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  1. 1

    Tarik said,

    Bummer to hear that Gary was so Gary. I have met him a few times and he sounds like he has not changed. I suggest Joe Breeze next time, he is completely committed to transportation bicycling and gives a pretty good talk…

    I bet Gary was better dressed than me though.

    Good job on the ski race series, I am impressed. Do you have grooming, or are you on a frozen lake or something?

  2. 2

    ari said,

    I wish I would get bought out by Trek so I can be a “lifestyle” instigator. Now he even offers bad copies of bikes with porteur style racks.
    Next time invite him for a snowball fight.

  3. 3

    Brian said,

    i lost my bike lock sometime in mid or late december. i had used it since freshman year of high school when it was my locker lock. i looked everywhere, could not find it, and then gave up hope. robin loaned me her equally old lock, and i worried about losing that one, too.

    then i went to ride steen one day in january (no, he didn’t take it), and when i put my riding boots on, i found that the lock was safely tucked into the toe. somehow it silently fell in there.

    i hope a similar surprise awaits you, steve.

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    Ahhh, thanks for talking me down pals. Real down to earth people without marketing departments!

    Tarik, we do indeed have groomed snow for the races, that is mostly what made me want to do it, we are all out there skiing anyways, why not just time some loops and there you have it, races! It has been really fun to be part of.

    Ari, you say true as you so often do!

    Brian, thank you for sharing your experience as a former bike lock loser and finder. I hope to have a happy ending and not have a finger bitten off. Probably wont be a horse involved either, but you never know.

  5. 5

    ari said,

    Steve I will be on the look out to meet you at Frostbike. I will be there representing North Central Cyclery from Dekalb, IL. (mY new employer) and I will be hanging out with my Bosses Frank and Tobie.

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