Balancing The Ol’ Karmic Checkbook

As was foretold by the great skier and  seer of things, what was lost has come back to me.  I was a non-believer, I admit it.  For nine days my precious was out there on its own, but apparently no one but its true owner could draw it from the melting snowbank!dsc00114Twas a fine day of settled accounts.  I went for a real ride on a bike that works and I wore the silly suit for the first time since the Great State Cross Race of 2008.  While out whiling away the miles I encountered a mighty road prize, the first of 2009 and the first in quite a while as I do not stop to pick up windshield scrapers.

stp81815Stanley Fat Max Extreme!  A $19.99 value at Sears.  Who knows what I might have done to deserve this ethereal bounty of goodwill.  Mayhap it had something to do with Cody and I pushing a stuck car out of the snow yesterday?  Or that I read Even Cowgirls Get the Blues?

In even more coincidental bike lock adventuring, Cody lost her bike lock just yesterday, but went back today and found it hanging on a parking meter where she had left it.  Unbelievable!  If this is not the stuff of riveting reality TV then home improvement might be.  Amazingly, We finally tiled our counter tops!  Yes, 3 years of plywood marination came to an end last weekend.  Ugh, I shudder just looking at this photo.

stp81787Wayne oversaw the work as his portrait oversaw him.  Also, you can see last year’s first road prize is being put to good use!


Mix master Cody played the Mapei mortar.


It is now much more user friendly!

stp81812Going to finish that drywall tomorrow, and all of our projects that have been stuck at 7/8ths completed for the last few years will finally be buttoned up.  Then we can start making new messes!  We need to paint the exterior.  And a full basement would be nice, too.  Neverending…


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    brian said,

    well, seer might be a little much, perhaps i just have a optimists streak. i’m gad it came back to you, though, and the new counters looks super nice.

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