I am back on the bike!  Last Friday was not a fluke. Yesterday after work I went South into the fearsome wind and enjoyed the pretty sunset. Turned around and watched the moonrise while the wind helped me home.  The farm fields are all flooded from snowmelt and with the glow of twilight reflecting from them with trees silhouted behind it felt like I was rolling down on the bayou or something.  It looked a little like that

Today I rode North with Jim over the reservoir dam and around town a bit.  We had some good conversation and it was really warm, like no hat, gloves, booties kind of warm.  Crazy business.  Saw lots of people out enjoying it.  So there you have it, 3 rides in 2009!  Count my jaunts to and from skiing and I am probably well on my way to 10 hours of riding for the year.


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