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stp81829Frostbike is over, long live free stuff.  Details and more pics to follow, but Cody and I had a great time hob-nobbing and meeting new people and seeing old friends.  We talked with North America’s Worst Euro Cross Racer.  We met Ari!  Ari is good.  We witnessed Lennard Zinn.  We rode the new electronic Dura Ace and must admit that it was pretty cool.

stp81867We drank coffee.  And beer.


We took a 3 speed hub rebuild class at Hiawatha taught by Mark Stonich of Bikesmith.


Did I mention we got free stuff?  Later.


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  1. 1

    brian said,

    The hair and 70s style chops.

    Cody, in cords, on a plastic BMC bike with one piece carbon handlebar and electronic shifting?!

    Cody, again, the hat, the glasses, the face, the liquid (is that beer? is it coffee? is it beer-fee? I can’t tell).

    And a classic work bench full of small parts and people in aprons.

    Best photo sequence I’ve seen on your blog, and possibly any blog. Glad the trip was a success; can’t wait to hear more about it.

  2. 2

    DG said,

    Bottle openers, where are the bottle openers?

  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    That’s what me front teeth do

  4. 4

    John L. said,

    Steve. You look awesome. Is Cody going to put the new Dura Ace on the Astro Daimler?

  5. 5

    tarik said,

    Just excellent! That looks like a great trip and some super high quality photos.

  6. 6

    bikeiowa said,

    Thanks for all the complements everybody!


  7. 7

    the mostly reverend said,

    meet fuzzy pickles, the likeable porn star.

  8. 8

    DG said,

    Kent Peterson look alike? Nah, you’ve got Kent beat at his own game.

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