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A mighty cold wind was blowing this evening in Iowa City.  The group ride was large.  It was mostly an unpleasant ride, but for some hijinx and flashes of good conversation.  The guttering was non stop for those of us not fit enough to get up in the mix and get a decent rest while drifting back.  I got popped just outside Sharon Center, and was sad to see that I was the last one to come off the group.  If I coulda just hung on I coulda just hung on.  But I couldn’t.

Better luck next time!


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Things are going well over at the shop.  We have much constructing done.  Today I got the pegboards up for both benches.  Tools should be in early next week.  Bikes to follow shortly, but we are not ready to say which ones yet.  Except for Niner.  Yep, that is right, we are a commuter / touring shop at heart but we are people too.  So we won’t be a stocking dealer right away, but if you want a really nice big wheeled bike we can get it for you.  I want one!

Anyways, in addition to working I have done a few rides.  I went on last Tuesday’s ride, but it was cold and pouring rain so after a mile or so I turned for home.  In my youth I would have done the whole ride, but I am older and wiser now.  And slower.  Wednesday I did some Bikes at Work style cargo riding on shop business and townie’d over to Bike Night, too.  We talked about bike racing, drank beer, etc.  Check out this photo of Jason pulling off the front in their TTT.  Jason is well known as a strong and smooth rider for that discipline, no surprise to see that Cancellara wants his wheel or the hurting looks on the rest of his teammates back there trying to recover in time for their next pull.  Also at Bike Night, Kenny and Norb showed me the amazing wood fenders they have made.  We are trying to work out how to sell them at our shop.  They are beautiful!  And renewable!  And locally made!  Thursday I tried the group ride again and we did the Sugarbottom –  Tiffin loop.  It was a good ride for me, even if I felt like death a few times.  I took a few pulls, hid a lot, rode off the front once, hid some more, took a couple more pulls, and finally got dropped a few miles from town.  Last night Cody and I rode out to Linder Point and took a hike, it was great to get away from it all for a couple of hours.

Kent Park, shown above rendered in all possible springtime pastel glory sans snow or bike racers, is tomorrow.  I am planning to race, but it is snowing right now and they may cancel it.  The last time this happened was in Y2K, and they made the call just as we were lining up – possibly due to computer malfunction.  It was cooooold and windy but dry and we were all dressed and ready to go but the officials are the officials, officialy, so their decision stood.  K-Dubya and I went to the Java House and caffienated our troubles away.  Might get to repeat that stellar performance of yesteryear tomorrow, but if the race is on I will just suck.

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The Great Unwrapping

The frame & fork survived their trans-continental journey in fine shape.  That Ira sure does know how to pack a bike!

stp81930And his green ethos which here demonstrates the second R [reuse, in this case a bike box] does not get in the way of his attention to detail.  Style and ease, my friends.

I can’t wait to get done building the bike shop so I can start building this bike.  For now I have stationed an attack cat upon it to keep the usual new frame gawkers at bay.

stp81928He never sleeps.  No, you’re right, he mostly sleeps.

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It is here


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Ultra Sunny Disposition

What have you been up to this month of March?  For a couple of people the answer is easy.

“So far?  Just walking across Alaska is all.”

It’s still on.  I continue to not want to do the Ultrasport.  At all.  But it is always great reading!   That said, if I were to ever do it, I would either walk or ski.  Check out the ski trailer setup!  Roadie infiltration…

Thanks to Tony for the pics.

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In The Mail

The biggest thing I have going on in my life right now is opening a bike shop, it is true.  If you have not heard yet, because you did not read the previous post I guess, Cody and I are opening a small bike shop here in Iowa City called 30th Century Bicycle.  We should be up and at em in April.  As we whoop the shop into shape, I hope to continue to whoop myself into shape, too.  It has been a slow spring due to the rigors of small business planning as far as my training has gone.


I have made it out for some rides now, and while yes I am slower than I like to be I have been heartened at times that my 16 days of skiing and my general active lifestyle may have kept me in some sort of decent form to build on.  I had a six day ride streak going up until Wednesday, including group rides on the weekend (one 3 hours long!) and the Tuesday group ride, too, but then I got sick so that had to stop.  I am feeling better this morning after an 11 hour sleep and reading the live Milano-San Remo coverage has me chomping at the GU to get out and ride again.  Plus Ira has shipped me my bike and I want to do it justice once it is built up.

So it will continue, balancing shop life and my life.  It was nice reading along in my pj’s while the Euros thrashed each other and I think it is swell that Cavendish took the win in his first MSR, but now I must get back to work.

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Lookie Here

So you may have noticed lately that I have been pretty lame? Not much to say?  Not doing much but fer complaining about being slow?  Well there has been a good reason for that.  I couldn’t tell you because it was not a done deal, but after much wrestling and wrangling and work Cody and I are going to open our own bike shop.  We should have a schnazzy website in the future, and we hope to be open in mid April.

Hope you will come see us!

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