On The Subject Of American Wagons, Likely As Not Made In China They Were

Slow bloggery of late…  This won’t help.

As a young boy I would watch my sister leave home with a wagon load of Advertisers every other Wednesday and I would think to myself – someday I will do that too.  Later, when my sister handed off the route to me and I had drug the red wagon around and collected my check for $4.40 every 2 weeks I would think to myself – someday I will not do this, too!

It is a leap, yes, but still on the subject of kids, siblings, and wagons – the motion picture American Flyers features a photo of the Sommers siblings with their red wagon, an American Flyer.  Go figure.  I don’t recall the brand of our long lost wagon, but it was red and I saw this film when I was in high school and I was impressed.  I immediatly started riding my Huffy road bike out into the country with my friend Brian.  My bike had black bar tape and a stock saddle and likely never saw the light of a repair stand be it Park Blue or otherwise, but this was basically it.  Huffy 626.

On our rides Brian and I would shake it and break it, just like in the movie, and sprint dogs (if they were around) and sometimes we rode 40 miles in one trip, verified by my dad’s truck odometer.  He would drive us 40 miles from home and kick us out!  Child abuse, unless you were growing up in Italy.

So recently, you may have heard, they started up these internets?  At first they were only good for sending letters to people faster than ever before but now they are good for at home banking and watching videos, too.  Tonight I missed the first group ride of the year and relaxed for a time with the aforementioned most overlooked Academy attention deserving masterpiece.  The music is ethereal, the plot sublime, and one of it’s many climaxes is oooo-la-laaaargggh!.  Go ahead and put together a playlist and watch the whole movie since I can’t figure out how to do it for you and be taken back to me in high school.

Better you than I…


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  1. 1

    brian said,

    I too missed the group ride. I wrestled with whether or not to go for many afternoon hours. Then at 4:30 I solidified my decision to not attend by opening up a crisp ESB and reading the New Yorker’s new article on David Foster Wallace. Apparently his last mega project (unfinished) will be published soon. It is a magnum opus on boredom centered on a few tax agents working for the IRS in the middle of Illinois. It sounds intense.

  2. 2

    Scott said,

    Someone just donated a Huffy 626 to the bl yesterday.

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