Things are going well over at the shop.  We have much constructing done.  Today I got the pegboards up for both benches.  Tools should be in early next week.  Bikes to follow shortly, but we are not ready to say which ones yet.  Except for Niner.  Yep, that is right, we are a commuter / touring shop at heart but we are people too.  So we won’t be a stocking dealer right away, but if you want a really nice big wheeled bike we can get it for you.  I want one!

Anyways, in addition to working I have done a few rides.  I went on last Tuesday’s ride, but it was cold and pouring rain so after a mile or so I turned for home.  In my youth I would have done the whole ride, but I am older and wiser now.  And slower.  Wednesday I did some Bikes at Work style cargo riding on shop business and townie’d over to Bike Night, too.  We talked about bike racing, drank beer, etc.  Check out this photo of Jason pulling off the front in their TTT.  Jason is well known as a strong and smooth rider for that discipline, no surprise to see that Cancellara wants his wheel or the hurting looks on the rest of his teammates back there trying to recover in time for their next pull.  Also at Bike Night, Kenny and Norb showed me the amazing wood fenders they have made.  We are trying to work out how to sell them at our shop.  They are beautiful!  And renewable!  And locally made!  Thursday I tried the group ride again and we did the Sugarbottom –  Tiffin loop.  It was a good ride for me, even if I felt like death a few times.  I took a few pulls, hid a lot, rode off the front once, hid some more, took a couple more pulls, and finally got dropped a few miles from town.  Last night Cody and I rode out to Linder Point and took a hike, it was great to get away from it all for a couple of hours.

Kent Park, shown above rendered in all possible springtime pastel glory sans snow or bike racers, is tomorrow.  I am planning to race, but it is snowing right now and they may cancel it.  The last time this happened was in Y2K, and they made the call just as we were lining up – possibly due to computer malfunction.  It was cooooold and windy but dry and we were all dressed and ready to go but the officials are the officials, officialy, so their decision stood.  K-Dubya and I went to the Java House and caffienated our troubles away.  Might get to repeat that stellar performance of yesteryear tomorrow, but if the race is on I will just suck.


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  1. 1

    kdubya said,

    i’m already enjoying my kent park cancellation coffee, right now!! it’s m-m-GOOD to the last drop [forgive my mixed commercial metaphors].

  2. 2

    brian said,

    Even though I was dressed and ready for KP 2000, I was a little bit happy when they called the race. My “warm-up” was miserable, and I was not looking forward to many laps of cold racing.

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