I have been digging through my piles of accumulated crap.  I am trying to pick out the bike shop relevant ones so I can start storing them down there and free up some valuable elbow room around our house.

invitato002Here is my official INVITATO to Tirreno-Adriatico, 2001.  I was over in Italy for three weeks with my girlfriend and after a few days of riding in Tuscany we angled down to Sorrento to check out the Euro Pro scene and ride the Amalfi Coast.  It was pretty cool.  Of course!  We walked into the race HQ and said (in perfect English, er, pretty good American) that we wanted to watch the race.  So the nice man gave us the bike race equivilent of all access backstage passes.  Once we figured out what these meant we could go anywhere!  Bonus pink cord, too.  When you see that tower full of officials and photo finish equipment at the finish line of Giro stages?  I’ve been in that!  Watched Biago Conte take the sprint of the first stage from the upper deck.  It was funny, having no idea what was going on.  No jumbo-tron, nobody with a radio to tell us what was happening as they did their big loops – just a thundering pack and a Saeco jerseyed rider raising an arm as they flew by.  It was still awesome.

mcnews003Anybody else out there remember Midwest Cycling News?  Back when top riders still used SCOTT drop-ins, and Al Gore had not yet started up the internets, this was how we found out where races would be.  And the following month, who had won them.  Or who had got eighth on May 11th in the cat 3 Wisconsin State Crit Championship held in a beautiful industrial park in Pewaukee.  This cover is a classic – picture from the Alpine Valley stage of SuperWeek, I think from the year before as that race goes in July.  No need to guess who won that day.


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  1. 1

    you mean i’ve been misspelling it all these years,
    and you’ve never TOLD me?


  2. 2

    jeff said,

    yeppers, ’96. putting horner and the other guy in that one superweek race wasn’t really fair for those of us just trying to get through the rest of that particular 18-day-long week. seriously.

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