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I got my rejection letter from Chequamegon.  How could they do this to me!  I make that race what it is, er…  Something.  No, it’s okay.  What with getting 30th Century open already dominating my time I probably should be happy to think this will be a year of no racing.  Still made me sad, though.  I might try the essay contest if the shop is rockin’ but I might try something different this year.  Maybe the O2S if I have not missed the entry deadline already.  Or that Iowa 24 hour mountain bike race.  We will see.

I spent the weekend riding mountain bikes with Brian.  Not the whole weekend, we were both watching the live streaming of the Ronde Sunday morning, but we got out both days.  We stayed in town and checked out the local singletrack.  Most of it was very underwater last year, but now it is back.  Lots of sand, downed trees, a missing bridge, etc.  We did some trail maintenance and every trip through was better than the one before.  The sand sections were entertaining.  A trip with a shovel and a pruner will do wonders.  We were out for 2 hours both days!

Also this weekend past, the Ouachita Challenge again punished the mind and body while rewarding the spirit of those taking part.

Local bearded biker Adam put down his crustacean  and Coors and went the distance in the 80 miler, calling it “terrible” and “the worst experience of my life“.  Sounds like he will be back next year.  I hope to return and take another crack at the 60 miler and being as our shop carries Niner,  I think I will be on a S.I.R. 9 like this one, but with gears.


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    ari said,

    That Niner is Hott! Too bad we have no more space for bikes in the house. I hope to purge this winter and get a new bike next year. Hope you are doing well. Best wishes from us here in Sycamore.
    Let me know if you need anything,

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