You Cannot Race If…

Your house is not in order.  That is conventional bike racer wisdom, folks.  I am not trying to race, just do the group rides, and apparently I can not even do that right now.  I did win the group ride tonight.

It is a confusing time in my life, between opening 30th Century Bicycle and having a new bike to build.  My training is erratic.  My bike is heavy with heavy tires and a fender.  The Ira should be together soon, I am thinking about it at least, and have a parts order going for it.  But for now I am on the LeMond, which has carried me so selflessly and ably for so long.  I got dropped hard on the College Green ride on Tuesday.  I have never been dropped so fast on an Iowa City group ride.  It made me sad.  And mad.  Tonight the tone of the ride was a bit different and I was having a good time, talking with a UofI racer and when the going got going I shifted to the big ring and the chain jumped right off the outside and wrappped around the bottom of the crank and chainsucked right up into rear derailler stretching territory.  I tried to work it out at speed but it was useless, so rather than bust the hell out of my whole set up I stopped and fixed it.  20 seconds and I was back on my way but I was far enough off the back that it was over for me.  So, astute comprehender, how then did I come to win the ride?  Well, let me tell ya.  I soldiered out into the wind to the West Branch T and rode back in solo and then with another fellow who’s name I did not catch.  We rolled along expecting to be caught and began to think that the group must have turned the supposed out and back format into a loop somehow.  Mysterious…

Then, as we were coming up the last hill on Newport I looked back and there they were!  I took off fast and held off the hard chargers for the win, which I celebrated in grand tour stage winning style.  I am, actually, still celebrating now!

Some may debate the legitimacy of my victory, but for me it is done, and there is nothing more to say.

See you next week.


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  1. 1

    Jeff Cozad said,

    All hail the Champion!

  2. 2

    americannostalgia said,

    Hi Steve,

    Had a swell time talking with you and Cody (and Robin and Brian) at the art show. Here’s my blog:

    But you probably already knew that.

    Read some Tarik. Nice stuff.



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