Iowa City is a party town. Yet I was still surprised this morning, as I rode to the shop, to find a beer bong in the street.  I rode by it shaking my head and weeping for the future but then I heard a faint shouting, as if carried on the wind.  It was the voice of Tarik saying ARE YOU MAD!  GO GET THAT THING – TAKE A PICTURE OF IT – PUT IT ON THE INTERNET – JEESH, DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING?

stp82061So I swung back around and rescued BOBO II from an unknown fate.  I don’t know if I was most surprised that I had never found a beer bong before in this town, or that no one had yet picked it up as it was 8:30 and the churches were already well in session.

It is a fine funnel, and the hose clamp will surely come in handy around the shop once it has been disinfected.


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  1. 1

    Tarik said,

    You are on the one true path my friend. I am proud.

  2. 2

    John L. said,

    What’s that crazy rear wheel?

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