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I feel bad for neglecting my personal blog.  I am putting most of my energy into 30th Century Bicycle, so I don’t have so much going on to talk about over here.  Checking the blog stats I see that lots of folks have come by to read about the Dirty Kanza 200, which is tomorrow.  I am not there.  After my first ride there I said I would never do it again.  I said that after I puked, I think?  Then last year I got all excited about it again and went back.  It is such a good event, I hope everyone has a good time tomorrow, and I hope to be back next year.

So what has been going on around here?  Wayne meets deer, no injuries reported:STP82229



Free watermelon and impromptu interpretive dance party at the New Pi.  I also got back in the groove and went in for a couple hours of Working Membership, which was good:


More heavy hauling, the hitch arm could not handle the load and started to slip, Cody and I had to pull it up the drive after it bottomed out.  Whoops:


But the stupid light rear townie wheel did not fold(!):

STP82195We went on a social ride on our new (maybe) tandem and it was not the coolest bike there by a long shot, check out this well maintained, mostly original, one owner, ROSS mountain bike from 1984.  Somewhere out there O Knobby One Kenobi is jealous:

STP82204Gratuitous bulbous stem detail shot.  That is Hi-Tech underlined, you best believe it.  Matching stem/bar/fork in Pepto pink, eat yer heart out Don Walker:

STP82205So there you have it, a bit of what has been going on around here.  Our yard is a mess, although we keep trying, and we really do enjoy owning a bike shop.  Just the last two weeks I have started riding again and it has been great, last night I did a group ride and I even attacked once, but then I got dropped.  The Ira has some parts on it now, but not enough.  Jason has been representing in the wildest Grand Tour in memory, I can’t wait to talk to him about it for first hand perspective.

And oh yeah, if you can believe it (and if you are still reading this I imagine you can) I am now, almost a year after beginning, still reading Infinite Jest, and I am almost done with it for a second time!  Eat yer heart out Tarik Saleh!


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One of you might remember that way back in the winter time I declared, on this very weblog, that I intended to win a race this year.  As it turns out, I wound up getting all the ducks in a row to open 30th Century Bicycle and racing of any sort became a low priority.  I forgot about the Ragnarok 105 completely, and when I finally remembered it I was not even sure if I had missed it or if it was still coming up.  Turns out I had missed it.  Oops, I really had wanted to do that ride but now it will have to wait til Next Year.

I turned my attention to another ride up in Minnesota I had registered for, the Almanzo 100.  Also a gravel grinder, I was looking forward to it even with the shop now open and me riding not a bit.  Well okay, I have ridden once since the shop opened, but I am still looking back at three weeks off the bike and not the best of training before that.

Still, plucky as the Cub Scout I once was, I had hope that I could still get in a bit of training and roll a decent and fulfilling ride on May 30th.  Oops again – the Almanzo 100 is May 16th.  Shit.  So with the shop still not a month old and my forthence formidable fitness feeling feebly fouled I am officially bailing on the Almanzo 100.

If only it were May 30th!  Won’t somebody please put together a long gravel race on that date?  I think I have one more DNS in me.

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Yardly Workin’

STP82121The bike shop has been open for just over 2 weeks now.  Our Grand Opening is tomorrow, stop by to see us if you have the time!  The shop has been taking up most of our time, understandably, but I have found a few free minutes to work in the yard. I mulched our Hosta and Ritchie for good measure.


We had a nice man with a roto-tiller for hire working our street and he asked if we would like a proper garden patch so while we drank beer and sat in the sun he took care of it for us.  We felt so bourgeois!

STP82057With our limited time these days we wil be procuring plants from the Iowa City Farmers Market and just seeing how it goes.  We did buy fencing to try and keep the deer at bay, because they ate our whole garden last year.

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