One of you might remember that way back in the winter time I declared, on this very weblog, that I intended to win a race this year.  As it turns out, I wound up getting all the ducks in a row to open 30th Century Bicycle and racing of any sort became a low priority.  I forgot about the Ragnarok 105 completely, and when I finally remembered it I was not even sure if I had missed it or if it was still coming up.  Turns out I had missed it.  Oops, I really had wanted to do that ride but now it will have to wait til Next Year.

I turned my attention to another ride up in Minnesota I had registered for, the Almanzo 100.  Also a gravel grinder, I was looking forward to it even with the shop now open and me riding not a bit.  Well okay, I have ridden once since the shop opened, but I am still looking back at three weeks off the bike and not the best of training before that.

Still, plucky as the Cub Scout I once was, I had hope that I could still get in a bit of training and roll a decent and fulfilling ride on May 30th.  Oops again – the Almanzo 100 is May 16th.  Shit.  So with the shop still not a month old and my forthence formidable fitness feeling feebly fouled I am officially bailing on the Almanzo 100.

If only it were May 30th!  Won’t somebody please put together a long gravel race on that date?  I think I have one more DNS in me.


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    ari said,

    I work 10am to 7pm six days a week at the shop and training is like a funny word. Commuting 15 miles round trip does not win races. Crazy night riding just messes up my head. So….I guess the only solution would be to relax the legs sitting at a cubicle m-f-9-5 with weekends off.

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