I feel bad for neglecting my personal blog.  I am putting most of my energy into 30th Century Bicycle, so I don’t have so much going on to talk about over here.  Checking the blog stats I see that lots of folks have come by to read about the Dirty Kanza 200, which is tomorrow.  I am not there.  After my first ride there I said I would never do it again.  I said that after I puked, I think?  Then last year I got all excited about it again and went back.  It is such a good event, I hope everyone has a good time tomorrow, and I hope to be back next year.

So what has been going on around here?  Wayne meets deer, no injuries reported:STP82229



Free watermelon and impromptu interpretive dance party at the New Pi.  I also got back in the groove and went in for a couple hours of Working Membership, which was good:


More heavy hauling, the hitch arm could not handle the load and started to slip, Cody and I had to pull it up the drive after it bottomed out.  Whoops:


But the stupid light rear townie wheel did not fold(!):

STP82195We went on a social ride on our new (maybe) tandem and it was not the coolest bike there by a long shot, check out this well maintained, mostly original, one owner, ROSS mountain bike from 1984.  Somewhere out there O Knobby One Kenobi is jealous:

STP82204Gratuitous bulbous stem detail shot.  That is Hi-Tech underlined, you best believe it.  Matching stem/bar/fork in Pepto pink, eat yer heart out Don Walker:

STP82205So there you have it, a bit of what has been going on around here.  Our yard is a mess, although we keep trying, and we really do enjoy owning a bike shop.  Just the last two weeks I have started riding again and it has been great, last night I did a group ride and I even attacked once, but then I got dropped.  The Ira has some parts on it now, but not enough.  Jason has been representing in the wildest Grand Tour in memory, I can’t wait to talk to him about it for first hand perspective.

And oh yeah, if you can believe it (and if you are still reading this I imagine you can) I am now, almost a year after beginning, still reading Infinite Jest, and I am almost done with it for a second time!  Eat yer heart out Tarik Saleh!


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    Tarik said,

    I am confused, did you finish it once, and then are almost finished again? Or are you almost finished, for the second time, not having completed it ever, I think this is the case. I reserve the right not to eat my heart out until you finish it for real. Until then, I still ask, why? Why subject yourself to it? His short stories are the way to go if you must go that way…

    Also what is the deal with cats v. deer:
    Thats our winky fighting the good fight vs the mule deer who ate all the grape leaves and most of the plum tree leaves. Go kitties.

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