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Training Works

So what do you know, if you ride your bike, rest a bit and ride your bike again you are somehow, magically, faster!  After taking a month off to get the Shop up and running I rode as much as I could for 3 weeks.  I did some B rides, I got in a good morning ride habit, and I did some tandem riding with Cody.  I took a week off and rode slower and less, and then back to the group rides.  Tried the A ride, it went not so good, so back to the B for me.  Last night we rode out BlackDiamond way and then up through Oxford and I was happy to be able to take my pulls and then not get dropped.  It was really hot and humid, and I thought I might cramp up once, but I made it through and was rewarded with a chilled Corona Light.  This morning I went out for a spin and my legs felt good.  So there you have it, 10 to 12 hours of riding a week for 6 weeks and I got faster.  Yeah me.


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Bee Ride

Tonight my rigorous training schedule had me back at College Green Park at 5:30 for yet another edition of the rabid circus animal jamboree lovingly known in these parts as the “A” ride.  I got dropped again, or I sat up depending on perspective, but one thing was painfully clear, I am still slow.  Which makes sense.  I was back on my ol’ warhorse the Lemon tonight, but with the upgraded 53t big ring, so at least I was comfy.


So next week COACH* is going to have me go back to the “B” ride and flex the ol’ muscles a bit before another attempt at College Green glory.  I was resistant to the change in my scheduled program at first, but a bee flew into my jersey and stung me in the side and if that aint a sign I don’t know what is.


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How Toothed Was My Big Ring

Tonight I hit the “A” ride for the first time since the shop opened.  Not much has changed over there.  We charged out of town, cutting off cars, running stop signs.  Upon leaving town I asked the nice man riding next to me how fast we were going, he said 30.  I was riding, for the first time in my life, a carbon fiber road bike on a group ride.  Is not that hilarious?  It came into the shop for us to sell and it had sat for so long I wanted to be sure that the shifters were really working and everything was good to go, not just sort of working when the bike was in the stand.  The gears skipped a bit until I put it in the big ring, which had 53 pointy teeth!  I have been rolling the cross bike all year and am shackled with a teeny weeny 48 toothed ring on that one so I was feeling full of power tonight!  The first ow-er of the ride was spent sitting out rotations until I got all excited and pulled through.  I think I might have pulled as many as 6 times!  We were doing a variation of the classic Edens loop, and when we got down to Hwy 22 there were some cars and such and a small group of us had to stop and watch the group roll away through Lone Tree.  Then, as we got through, a woman in a truck started kind of hassling two of us about stopping at stop signs, so we stopped at two of them.  His Rock Lobsterness even got off his bike at one of them…  Back in the open country and not much chance of catching the group.  We even took the gravel short cut down there.  The second ow-er of my ride, then, was spent looking at the bulbous calves of the Rock Lobster.  I pulled through once, and that did not last long, and then I tried to pull through again but there was nothing doing.  So I sat in until I bonked just south of the Hills road.  Oops.  A good ride I suppose, I will be back on Thursday I hope, maybe not on the carbon Trek Bike, but whatever I ride will likely have a 53 toothed ring.

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Corny Sounding Adjective?  Maybe, but I am talking about Community Supported Agriculture!  Cody and I finally made the plunge and ponied up the dough to get our own big box of veggies every week, all summer long, from folks who know how to grow that also have abundant sunshine and no Black Walnuts in their yards.  We picked up the first box on Saturday at the Iowa City Farmer’s Market.


We have made a lentil / leek stew thingy and some really good roasted potatoes and a fine glass of carrot radish juice and a couple of really big and amazing salads so far.


Food stuffs aside, I have been riding pretty steady for the past few weeks so I am taking a rest week.  Probably overkill, but what the heck, it feels good.  After work yesterday Cody and I rode the tandem for an hour up in the hills North of town and today we took on the Frytown loop whole.  We have much to learn as tandemeers, but I think we are doing pretty well with it and having fun, too.

Riding is going on enough that I am going to go ahead and write a letter to Chequamegon and see if they will let me in, but not on the tandem.

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