How Toothed Was My Big Ring

Tonight I hit the “A” ride for the first time since the shop opened.  Not much has changed over there.  We charged out of town, cutting off cars, running stop signs.  Upon leaving town I asked the nice man riding next to me how fast we were going, he said 30.  I was riding, for the first time in my life, a carbon fiber road bike on a group ride.  Is not that hilarious?  It came into the shop for us to sell and it had sat for so long I wanted to be sure that the shifters were really working and everything was good to go, not just sort of working when the bike was in the stand.  The gears skipped a bit until I put it in the big ring, which had 53 pointy teeth!  I have been rolling the cross bike all year and am shackled with a teeny weeny 48 toothed ring on that one so I was feeling full of power tonight!  The first ow-er of the ride was spent sitting out rotations until I got all excited and pulled through.  I think I might have pulled as many as 6 times!  We were doing a variation of the classic Edens loop, and when we got down to Hwy 22 there were some cars and such and a small group of us had to stop and watch the group roll away through Lone Tree.  Then, as we got through, a woman in a truck started kind of hassling two of us about stopping at stop signs, so we stopped at two of them.  His Rock Lobsterness even got off his bike at one of them…  Back in the open country and not much chance of catching the group.  We even took the gravel short cut down there.  The second ow-er of my ride, then, was spent looking at the bulbous calves of the Rock Lobster.  I pulled through once, and that did not last long, and then I tried to pull through again but there was nothing doing.  So I sat in until I bonked just south of the Hills road.  Oops.  A good ride I suppose, I will be back on Thursday I hope, maybe not on the carbon Trek Bike, but whatever I ride will likely have a 53 toothed ring.


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    Brian said,

    I’m not sure if I am sorry I missed this ride or not. The retro carbon would have been a site to see, but would it have been worth that discomfort? I don’t know. Still, I’ll probably be out there for the Thursday version.

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    […] The Trek Bike from our previous post hanging, sadly last night’s aggro test ride indicated that a new cassette is required, and we don’t have such a racy little number as it […]

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