Still More Fringe Benefits

I am still here, thanks for still stopping by.  I have been learning a lot.  Did you know you can use a length of brake housing to unclog a drain?  I don’t know if it is approved by 7 out of 9 plumbers or anything, but it is flexible enough to make some bends through pipes as you push it, but stiff enough to knock whatever vile gurgly thing is down there loose.  I learned some other stuff, but I forgot what.

Riding continues.  I once again braved the rabid circus animal jamboree that meets at College Green Park, and once again received meself a most solid of thrashings.  Being dropped, however, and thus heading for home in the virtual ride lead, it was I that spied the glint of metal in the road and stopped to collect $1.00 (exactly) in scattered change.  I didn’t win the ride, I won a dollar!


The screwdriver was a road find from earlier in the week, I went on a 4 hour ride (!) and found it along the way.  We enjoyed a nice ride and canoe trip last weekend, you can read about it and see some pictures over at the 30th Century Bicycle blog.  This week our good friend is back in town enjoying his summer break so he can be recharged for the coming school year and it has been great to spend some time.  This coming weekend my folks come to town, and that will be nice as they have not seen the shop yet.

Other than that I have been enjoying le Tour again, although I must give the new cyclingnews website a big thumbs down.  What were they thinking rolling it out right in the middle of summer?  The live race coverage is confusing and “jumpy” I will call it, and the photos are not nearly as easy to access as what they were before.  I am sad to say it, but for now I prefer velonews.  Maybe they could do like Coke and have cyclingnews and cyclingnews classic?

Until we e again!


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