It’s All About Time

I took a rest week last week and then last night tried out the College Green ride.  A good sized group and we went West Liberty / West Branch with a big strong wind out of the south.  Guttering!  I rode with the words of Armstrong swirling in my ears and stayed near the front.  Made it to West Liberty without a single crossing of the yellow line, had an Official been there most everyone else would have been dq’d and the pressure would have been off me.  But, alas…

We rolled fast through town, a group got away.  “Not without me!” , Said the Rock as he went stomp stomp stomp on his pedals.  I almost threw up.  I was breathing so heavily I started to sound all wheezy.  We turned for West Branch and I thought I was done.  Cooked.  Shelled.  Dropped.  Game over.

But then, I thought about how long it would take me to ride in solo and that, my friends, is what motivated me to hang on.  Time.  So we went fast and faster and I took nary a pull, but when we crossed the interstate I was still there.

I got dropped right before the sprint, but mostly out of habit.  I was happy to finally finish an “A” ride.  It has been a long time, see you tomorrow.

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