If You Don’t Like The Rain, Don’t Drink The Water

It rained all day here today.  Exept for like 8 minutes maybe.  I went to the group ride.  Not many people there.  I went back to the shop, it kept raining.  It still is now.

Riding may or may not be going well.  I almost finished the group ride last Thursday, and it was the dreaded Sugarbottom – Oxford loop at that.  I could still see the ride up ahead as they sprinted home on Melrose, so that is a big step forward for me.

Been watching le Tour.  So far none of my favorites have tested positive.  I guess that means we are all winners, this year.

Wayne has been ill.  Poor guy had to go to the vet not once but twice, and he had to take medicine, too.  He still seems a bit off.

Missing the big ride across the state this week, and I feel just fine.  I did go to a pre-party and got to drink crummy beer while bearing witness to karaoke at the American Legion.  The Legion constitution preamble states that it aims to foster and perpetuate a one hundred per cent Americanism.  Mission accomplished, I say!

I may race this Sunday, but if I do it will be more like just paying to go for a ride.  Weird how that gets appealing.

Reading Miles From Nowhere, I would love to take a long bike tour, but will settle for an overnight.



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    bikeiowa said,

    Not worth a new post, but it was still raining this morning. The weather predictor said it was fog, but I know rain when I feel it falling on me and sloshing into my shoes as I ride. Which I did, because I did not last night. Chalk up another Sharon Ctr loop for me this year.

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