Just Do It

I have been waiting for some sort of free time or whatever it is called to get this blog updated proper again.  Here goes.  Cody and I are still making a go of 30th Century Bicycle.  It is pretty great.  We have been open for 4 months now, do that 90 more times or so and it is retirement party time!


The tree that was all broken up in the yard is down, we had a tree service come in and take care of it.  It was quite a show, as promised.  Now we are shopping for a chainsaw so we can be real homesteaders, possibly with scars and even missing limbs!  From trees, of course…

I have been getting out and riding, it has been a great deal of fun to be able to stay at it, even if I am slower than I prefer.  Group rides have switched to gravel and I had a blast on Tuesday, looking forward to more.


We have been watching lots of Withnail and I, I highly recommend it to you, just take a taste and you will see.

Got in an overnight tour last weekend (finally!) and hoping to do a bit more of that this year.  This was the last tour ever for the Touring Townie in its moustache bar configuration, I ordered a Northroad and am going to give that a try, with some of them backwards brake levers and some Paul Thumbies so I can keep my bar end shifters in service.  I have all the parts but for the Thumbies (oops) so look for photos of the new look soon.  Here is a bonus photo from the trip, a big white bird in the misty morning hunting the pond while we ate our meager breakfast.


The Ira still hangs, but I have a plan!  Lots of Nitto stuff, a wheel I built myself, and provacative bar tape.  Stay tuned.


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