Back On Bridgestone

It is back, the coolest SS mountain bike on planet Earth rides again!

file photo

My poor old friend was put in the back of the shed after the last 2 snowy hundies of the cup o’ dirt saga of 2007 and was plenty rusty and corroded, but it was nothing a new chain, new headset, new hub bearings, new axle nuts and new grips and a parts washer could not take care of.  It is fun to have a bike shop! We went out and rode together for an hour and a half tonight and I gotta tell you, there is no reason to weigh in on the 26 / 29 wheel debate, this bike is just fun to ride.  So I will keep riding it.  Might even do a race if I can get the day off from work?

I will be thinking about the folks up there doing the Vapor Trail 125, which starts in a couple of hours, as I lay down to sleep tonight, and as I wake up tomorrow morning, etc.  Good luck to all and Cully – put the screws to ’em!


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    John L. said,

    That’s a fine ride you got there Steve! It was great talking to you!

  2. 2

    […] might would have qualified as a wetland, so after all the rigamaroll it seems that maybe the Bridgestone, destroyer of the Bridgescissor but afearer of the Bridgepaper, will get the call once more.  It […]

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