Braking Frames

Ira broke his Ira Ryan riding around in French ditches.  I broke my Ira Ryan, too, but in this case I just mean I put brakes on it.  I am one step closer to a ride-able bike, Ira will have to build himself another.  I bet his is done before mine is…

I finsished a great week of riding yesterday.  A mountain bike ride at Sugarbottom, two College Green group rides, two recovery rides, one gravel spin on the mountain bike and a four hour roll yesterday on the cross bike.  I was hoping for a group ride but it was not to be so I went South over tricounty bridge and then, in a spontaneous moment, pushed on past Riverside to check the condition of the Kalona fourwheeler trails.  I knew not what to expect, the last time I had been through the whole place was a sandy, cruddy, flooded mess.  This time, it was perfect!  Lots of mud, yes, but also lots of sand, yes, but also lots of down trees to hop over, yes, but also thick head high weeds on each side, yes, but it was fun and I declare the trails not just ridable, but required for a group ride in the near future.  The ride home was also good, I pushed a hard tempo the whole way and I must say it was the best I have felt on a long ride in months.  Because I have not taken a long ride in months!


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