3 B’s & I’m Out

Did the A ride last night.  Roll out of town was nice and chatty, it was a pretty large group.  We went down Dane Rd and hit the first downhill B that has claimed so many deraillers over the years.  It had rained for the first time in a month or so and the B was slick.  Somebody crashed ahead of me, I piled into the back of the two people that had piled into the crasher.  I did not go down, just full stop and a foot in the mud.  Full chase mode as the ride waits for no one.

Caught back on, feeling a bit winded, back into another B, this one longer and not all downhill.  Was in the happy place right behind the Eppens when I hit some kind of quicksand that sent me sideways and again to full stop, but again I did not crash, did not even put a foot down, but was OTB again.  Made chase slow and steady until pavement.  Car there, stupid cars, lost a bit more time, chased back on with a little help from the Rock.

I knew it was over for me, I was already pooped and we were about to hit another B, and this one with a climb.  Sure enough, pop went the Pickle and I was solo.  Smokin’ Joe came by and taunted me as he flew back up to the group.  I tried to predict the ride and get back in but I guessed wrong, rode back to town by myself, did a couple more efforts just to feel like it was a complete ride and that was it.

Kind of a demoralizing ride, I keep training, if not a lot, and keep hoping I will pick up some form along the way but it just does not seem to be happening.  I will go back tomorrow for another helping, it was nice having had some rain, made the ride more interesting and fun for sure.


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