Sweet & Savory

What a day!  I awoke not too hung over after a few Torpedos last night and turned the live coverage of the Men’s World Road Race Championships on the internets.  Sat around and watched for about an hour as the early break powered along.  Was going to ride the Salsa out to Sugarbottom for a lap or two, but at 7:30 it was still 50 degrees

outside, so I changed the plan.  Did a load of laundry and made breakfast.  Cody woke up to the sound and smell of the frying potatoes and made the coffee.  We watched the race as we ate.  Top Iowa City rider Jason McCartney was out there and we kept hoping to catch a glimpse.  No luck on that one.

I got so into watching the race and drinking the coffee with my sweetie that I postponed my knobby ride until after it had all been decided.  Cancellara, I love him, and who am I to second guess, but attacking the selection on the downhill inside 10 miles to go?  Not smart maybe?  So Cadel won, I can’t complain, it was a perfectly timed, really strong attack, but that man needs to work on his victory salutes, here is a handy guide.

photo:  ©Riccardo Scanferla cyclingnews.com



Okay, so no victory salute for us, but while enjoying the morning I also checked out the Best of the Area awards from the local paper, which were just announced today and what the heck, we got a runner up for Best Bike Shop!  Wowza, I don’t know what else to say except thanks and we will keep doing the best we can.

So with World’s over, breakfast eaten, laundry done and hung, 30th Century Bicycle awarded and the beautiful day in full swing I decided to bag the mountain bike ride totally, and townie the long way to work.  Over the res on the Fuji, a fine ride and a fine day to do it.  Work then, we recovered a stolen bike, somebody came in to sell it, but oh shucks, that is our neighbors bike and don’t you try to deny.  He did not, bike is back home with rightful owner!

After work Cody and I rode home and made some really tasty wraps with bok choi and peppers and tomatoes and garden burgers.  All the while the day was beautiful.  Took down the laundry, took a quick nap on the couch.

Got back out for an evening spin, rode the Salsa around town.  Ran into the Leflers and townied across town with them, talking and laughing.

Got home just after dark, with a nice moonlit glow on everything.  Now to blog, soon to shower and to sleep.  What a great day it was, I can ride the mountain bike tomorrow.


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